Gender Swapped by the Haunted Brothel

by Sally Bend

Gender Swapped by the Haunted Brothel - Sally Bend
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 47

An angry young coed, anxious to avenge her best friend's assault.
An arrogant young stud, eager to add another victim to his list of sexual conquests.
A haunted brothel, desperate to fulfill the dark ritual that saw it abandoned so many years ago.

When a Halloween plan for humiliation goes dangerously wrong, a little emasculation will be the least of the gender-swapped stud's worries, but a coed's sexual awakening may be just enough to halt his demonic breeding, and stop the world from descending into chaos.

Gender Swapped by the Haunted Brothel is 14,000 words of gender transformation, sexual awakening, and paranormal penetration. Adults only.


About the Author

Sally Bend is an author, editor, columnist, and reviewer. Although shy and polite (she is, after all, Canadian), she loves to boldly and boisterously express herself through stories that bend the binaries of gender and sexuality.

Her fiction incorporates a wide range of styles, from dark horror to quirky erotica, with her favorite themes being the acceptance of gender identity and the exploration of submissive sexuality.

When she’s not reading, writing, or wandering the forest, she can be found online at

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