by B.J. Smyth

Gardener - B.J. Smyth
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.99

Tyler is desperate for Jacob’s hot body but all he can do is watch him work

Tyler Finlay is a freelance film critic spending a lot of his time working at home, he often daydreams about his gardener Jacob.

Jacob has worked for Tyler for a few months now unaware that he watches him from the bedroom window while he works. The secret voyeur satisfying himself as he watches Jacob's hot body sweating in the sun whilst he works.

Then on a hot sunny day, a breeze blows the curtain allowing Jacob to catch a glimpse of Tyler naked through the window.

Will Tyler get what he has dreamed of so many times?

If you love very hot M/M erotica then this one is for you.

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About the Author

B.J. enjoys writing gay romance weaved with hot action to tease and entertain his readers. Having experienced many of the situations in real life he brings these into his books. Preferring to have mature characters in the stories, escaping the cliché of college boy romance.

My books have been described by many as short but scorching hot so be warned you may need a cool shower after reading them. Remember the old saying it's not about the length but what you can do with it lol.

I Hope you read and enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them.

If you already enjoy gay romance books or are just curious about gay love. Why not have a browse of the books, you may surprise yourself.

Follow the rainbow to your dreams.

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