Futa Explosion: Four Hot Futa Stories

by Sally Bend

Futa Explosion Anthology
ISBN: 9781370653591
Pages: 64
Pages: 64
Audiobook: $ 3.46 USD

Four of the finest, kinkiest authors in futa fiction join forces to bring the reader a quartet of steamy tales!

In the first, Nora, Solar Harris presents a date with a very different kind of partner.

Next, Reed James takes us to a world of futa fandom and eldritch shops where true pleasure is only a sip away in The Succubus Cafe.

Sally Bend broadens the fantasy in A Queer Sort of Queen into an alternate timeline where a reclusive island of futanari entertain political guests and servitude often means salacious joy.

And, Lyka Bloom presents Gimme an F!, where the local cheerleading squad becomes ground zero for a very sexy invasion.

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Reviews:Shaun Putaine on Putaine Musings wrote:

This is another collaboration (as was Lipstick For Her Leather) of The Three F Network. This time four authors bring us a collection of fun and sizzling Futa stories.

The first story is by Solar Harris in which we meet Nora who has been having less than optimal experiences dating guys recently. Nora's roommate sets her up with a girl who, it turns out, has a surprise or two in store. This is a fun story, I especially liked the scene when two guys try to pick up Nora and her date and are shot down in grand fashion. the erotic scenes that follow are steamy.

Reed James wrote the second story, The Succubus Cafe. Here we meet Nicole who has just been busted by her stepmother for having futa porn. Nicole is roundly chastised by her stepmom before heading off to work, however when she arrives at her place of work it's gone, having been replaced by the Succubus Cafe. Nicole gets a drink from the cafe that will change her (and her stepmom's) life. This is a fun story that's a bit edgy and taboo; it's also sizzling hot.

A Queer Sort of Queen by Sally Bend is the third story in the collection. Here we meet Brandi, the sissy who serves the Futa Queen. The first lady of another country is visiting the Queen and Brandi is called upon to entertain and to provide the first lady with a little something special to take back for her husband. Fun, sweet, and hot I really enjoyed this story.

Finally there is Gimme an F! by Lyka Bloom. Shelby is a somewhat reluctant cheerleader, fairly new to the squad, when something begins happening to her team members after the squad adviser, Miss Fischer returns from a retreat. This was another fun and sexy story that I greatly enjoyed.

This is a terrific collection that I highly recommend, five out of five paddles!

JC Winchester on Amazon wrote:

Hot set of stories sure to please any futa fan, a little something for everyone within!

Solar Harris starts things off with a lovely story of self-discovery and a smoldering buildup that comes with a climax sweeter than most futa cum.

Reed James is the King of Futa for a reason and he shows it off well here with a white-hot story of a teen futa fan, her deepest desire, and an eldritch shop that specializes in granting the desires of it's customers.

Sally Bend brings a story of sweet submission to a futa Queen amidst an island and their foreign dignitary guest.

Lyka Bloom finishes off the collection with a sexy story of a small school cheerleader squad just ripe to be taken over by futanari. And takeover they do...

About the Author

Sally Bend is an author, editor, columnist, and reviewer. Although shy and polite (she is, after all, Canadian), she loves to boldly and boisterously express herself through stories that bend the binaries of gender and sexuality.

Her fiction incorporates a wide range of styles, from dark horror to quirky erotica, with her favorite themes being the acceptance of gender identity and the exploration of submissive sexuality.

When she’s not reading, writing, or wandering the forest, she can be found online at http://sallybend.com.