Free Christmas

by J. Maxwell

Free Christmas - Nix Winter
Editions:ePub: $ 0.99
Pages: 11

It's short and to the point. The story is set in 1655 on a pirate ship. Aksil rescued Edward from a trip back to England for a murder he didn't commit. Now he's got to convince Edward he wants some romance that Edward doesn't think he wants.  It's a sweet story, on the vanilla side. It's interracial, but has a happy ending.

I put it out under my old pen name, Nix Winter.

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“I am absolutely not interested in you, sir!” Mr. Edward Coventry’s voice was low, cheeks and lips flushed. Vivid blue eyes searched over the face of the man blocking his passage. 

“That right?” Aksil asked, leaning in a little closer anyway. Sun darkened fingers brushed a bit thick dark hair away from Edward’s face. “Cuz I think you’re lying. I think you’re very interested in me. I think if I move my hand down a bit, to ya bits, I think we’ll both have to accept that you lie sometimes.” 


Both of them stood on the same floor, in the hall, a single oil lamp swaying from a brass hook by the captain’s quarters. Every movement of the ocean lifted and unsteadied Edward, but Aksil’s hard body moved with the rolling of the floor as if it were just the air he breathed. Slightly taller than Edward with a couple dozen long braids, he was definitely not an acceptable Englishman. His eyes were an exotic violet and his tastes in pleasure leagues away from polite English refinement. His skin, already dark and darkened by the kiss of the sun, would never be pale enough to be English. It was a good thing he didn’t want to be English.

Tight black pants clung to hard thighs, to the curve of an ass that had never taken to sitting and waiting. His shirt hadn’t made it out into the hall, so there he stood, in only those black leather pants and braids. He had Edward’s back against the wall, one hand on the wall, blocking the passage to the upper deck and the other gently caressing refined English cheek. 

“You wouldn’t dare,” Edward hissed angrily. “After I’m ransomed, I shall tell the magistrates all!”


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Hi! I'm Max. 🙂
I write mostly m/m romance. I've been writing a long time and telling stories is really the center of my life. I do a lot of historical and sci-fi, some paranormal. Almost the only thing I don't write is contemporary. I hope I'll get the chance to tell you some stories 🙂 Thank you for being here!

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