by Kieron Lachlan

Forbidden - Kieron Lachlan

In this erotic short story, Carl and Dan, chaste seminarians studying to become pastors, surrender to their passions and fall into the throes of passion and lovemaking while away from school.

Carl wrestled with whether he belonged in divinity school or with a man to call his husband. From the moment Carl first set eyes upon the dirty blonde hair, crystal blue eyes, and the dorky, rectangular glasses that framed Dan's handsome and perfect face, temptation and lust challenged his faith-filled chaste intentions.

When Carl learns Dan will share a secluded retreat house with him for a week-long, off-campus retreat, his hormones and passions jump at the chance to get away with anything and everything they can while away from the snooping eyes of the divinity school staff. The only question is, will Dan give in as easily as Carl, or will he stick to the rules and leave Carl with a serious case of blue balls?

All characters are 18+.

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About the Author

I’m just a gay guy with a creative imagination and a propensity for writing, both at work and for fun. I had no idea how much I would like writing stories until I started penning the ideas in my head. Then those ideas became works of flash fiction that I decided to expand into short stories.

Now, I’m enjoying a side hobby as a gay erotic and romance author. I’m working hard on several hot & sexy stories and I hope to share with them for your enjoyment and pleasure. Today I live in New Hampshire with my husband. Life is good. Cheers!