Flash and Bang (Death and Destruction Book 2)

by Patricia Logan

If running from a hit man wasn't scary enough, ATF agent Thayne Wolfe, has a new challenge in his life and this one may be even more dangerous than the last. He has to figure out how to work with his reckless new partner, a handsome former Marine who seems to have a death wish.

Jarrett Evans never stays in one place very long and being chained to a desk doing paperwork is not his idea of entertainment. His lover and new partner at the ATF seems to find ways to throw a monkey wrench into all his fun, especially when Thayne wants to curtail his need to jump off ten story buildings.

When their boss sends them to San Diego to investigate a fireworks accident, he figures Jarrett can’t hurt anyone playing with sparkers, not even himself. The fact is, danger, intrigue and Jarrett's dubious past seem to follow the men wherever they go.

From a Marine base at the Mexican border to an explosion in LA’s Chinatown, they aren't prepared for a seriously pissed off militia, a smoking hot ex-lover, and more guys who want them dead.

The sparks will fly in and out of the bedroom in Flash and Bang.

(Flash and Bang contains an exciting excerpt from book 3, Slip and Slide)

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“We need to get the hell out of here! Airstrike!” Thayne screamed as Adael jumped up and followed them, covering their retreat with a hail of gunfire from the automatic he held with his good hand. Thayne dragged Jarrett toward the double doors as he heard the roar of flames, a smattering of gunfire, and the sounds of dying men all around them. He tried to look Jarrett over for bleeding wounds but could only see what now appeared to be a bullet graze across Jarrett’s temple. Jesus! If that’s all there is…


Adael rushed in front of them gunning down anyone in their path as Thayne dragged his partner, running backward. He was never so grateful for anyone in his life. Thayne’s lungs were filling with smoke as they got closer to the entrance to the barn and he heard a great crash as part of the roof caved in, sending up a wall of sparks at the back of the barn. The truck with its container had been abandoned by those who’d wanted the shipment and those who’d brought it and virtually everyone else had escaped the barn or was dead.

The second they got to the double door of the barn, Thayne heard the roar of airplane engines. Out of nowhere, two more men wearing FBI vests ran up to them and grabbed Jarrett, relieving Thayne of his burden.

“Move!” One of them screamed. “Sixty seconds!” Thayne began to run, followed by Adael and the two men carrying Jarrett. They had just gotten to the tree line five hundred feet off when there was the unmistakable scream of a missile and he knew the F-18 had fired. They barely had time to duck when the entire barn and its contents went up in a massive fireball. Flames shot straight up into the sky and out at them. Thayne rolled on top of Jarrett, covering his unconscious partner with his body as the heat from the explosion reached them. He held his breath waiting for the lick of flames and the certain death he expected but after four or five heartbeats, it hadn’t come. He waited for a few seconds before raising his head to look at what was left of the barn.

“Motherfucker!” Adael said from beside him.

Thayne glanced over to him and then turned his face to look back down at Jarrett. His eyes were open as he blinked up at him. Thayne breathed a sigh of relief as Jarrett revived.

“Preach it, sistah,” Jarrett said, weakly.

“Motherfucker!” Adael repeated.

Thayne dropped his face and pressed it to the side of Jarrett’s cheek. He began to laugh.

Reviews:Loveless3173 on Amazon.com wrote:

Thayne thought running from a hit man was dangerous, little did he know learning to work with his reckless new partner would be even more troublesome if not, infuriating.
Jarrett has always been one to be on the move, always flying into the action, having his new lover and partner and his new boss at the ATF reprimand him for doing his usual spontaneous and somewhat crazy actions sure puts a damper on his fun.

But the fun and games come to a screeching halt when a mishap with fireworks at a Marine base turns out to be no 'accident' at all and brings back dark memories Jarrett wished he could forget.

Thayne wishes more than anything that Jarrett would talk to him. Though he knows some of the things he has been through is classified he just wishes he could talk to Jarrett and not feel and know he's being lied to. Things certainly feel strained after their last mission together and Thayne worries where they stand. For he's falling a lot harder and faster for Jarrett, than he could have ever thought was possible and to him, Jarrett seems as aloof as ever. Though sometimes he can't deny the desire and love he sees in his eyes.

During the investigation into the fireworks accident on base, Sparks of jealousy ignite within Thayne when an unexpected appearance from Jarrett's past waltz's in.

Jarrett wanted to always keep his dark past away from Thayne but it has a way of coming back to haunt him. With the warning and threat that someone is out to kill him, left by the assassin that was after Thayne, Jarrett is secretly trying to put the pieces together to keep his past from trickling in and taking his future with Thayne away from him. With his ex-lover coming into the picture to explosions seemingly wrecking the city, will Jarrett be able to solve his own mystery before both he and Thayne go up in flames?

What another roller coaster of adventure. I so loved this book more than the first!
I'm happy that Jarrett's ex coming in the way he did, didn't really harm their relationship. Even though what happened... happened! I am so glad Jarrett and Thayne talked it out and that Thayne had the calm and collected response to something that could have had the potential to throw their relationship up in smoke. I'm glad the author didn't make it an issue.
Though with other tings, I was left with a bit more questions than answers. Of course, we have the lingering threat of Mills Lang over Thayne's head. It's looming in the shadows all but ready to strike. Also now, we have the silence order that has been put over Jarrett's head as well. Who is trying to silence him permanently? How high up the ladder does it go? Also, where did his ex suddenly go? He walks out of the the hospital and he's just vanished? Could he actually have something to do with it?

I hope more is answered with the next book because I'm burning with curiosity!

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International bestselling author Patricia Logan, resides in Los Angeles, California. The author of several #1 bestselling erotic romances in English, Italian, French, and Spanish lives in a small house with a large family. When she’s not writing her next thriller romance, she’s watching her grandchildren grow up way too soon, and raising kids who make her proud every day. One of her favorite tasks is coaxing nose kisses from cats who insist on flopping on her keyboard while she tries to type. She counts herself lucky to be surrounded by people who love her and give her stories to tell every day.

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