by Charlie Winters

Fin & Matt - Charlie Winters
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 238
Paperback - First Edition: $ 8.62 USD
ISBN: 1514138131
Size: 9.00 x 6.00 in
Pages: 236
Audiobook - First Edition: $ 17.46 USD

Fin MacAuliffe had always been less than masculine; never truly confident enough to be himself.

He’d long known he was gay – he’d just never shared it with anyone, not even his own free-thinking, liberal parents. Sure, they knew. Yet, they never quite gave up on linking him to some respectable girl with good genes and a generous bank account. Fin’s own account was nothing to be ashamed of, but even with all of the advantages, the only true thing he longed for was companionship.

After dragging himself back home to Missouri after graduation, Fin prepared to start his adult life – beginning with taking a new job as a music teacher at a private school. He was set, at least by the traditional standards. On his very first day, he saw him... If there was a God, he made Matt DiFiore personally.

Disheveled, straight black hair which appeared to be self-cut. Chiseled cheekbones. Tanned smooth skin. Fin knew he was staring. Matt’s lower half was covered by track pants with side snaps, but Fin knew that beneath those snaps housed the most glorious legs in existence. Those full lips wrapped around an apple, biting down as a small smile formed and he turned to walk… Fin’s… way.

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About the Author

Writer of gay fiction.  Silver RCA winner of Best Debut Author in 2015 for introductory novel "Fin & Matt" on the Sinfully Sexy blog.  The same novel was listed in the Washington Blade's "Top Ten Summer Reads" in gay romance.

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