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Favored by Fate

A Valkyrie's Story

by Kalinda

Favored by Fate - Kalinda
Part of the Fate's Shield series:
Pages: 116

As the sole male Valkyrie ever, Val never dreamed beyond his solitary existence. Training, reading, and once every hundred years or so, escorting a Worthy soul to Valhalla made up Val’s days until he meets--

Lucas: a strong Alpha wolf until the mate-sickness hits. On his deathbed, wishing and praying for a miracle, Lucas’ prayers find form in an unique twist of Fate.

Faced with tradition-bound elders and power-hungry leaders forcing them apart, will Val and Lucas stand strong? Only Fate knows...

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About the Author

Kalinda has been has been reading voraciously since the ripe old age of three, but it's only recently that the voices in her head demanded to be set free. She is a life-long Michigander and wife and mother of two.

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