Farm Buds

by Kieron T. Lachlan

Alec reveals to Colby that he’s wanted him for several months!

A record heat wave beat down on the farm where Colby worked hard to loosen a stubborn pressure valve near the corn fields. Sweaty, frustrated, horny, and hot, he knew he needed help. But in the middle of the Kansas farmlands, help was at least an hour away, or so he thought. Thankfully, in the distance, he spotted a red pick-up truck kicking up a dust cloud as it approached. His heart skipped a beat; it was Alec, his secret crush.

Neighbors for most of their lives, Colby and Alec spent a lot of time working together because there wasn’t enough income to hire a bunch of farm hands. Alec and Colby were often left to manage their own chores while their fathers and younger siblings did other farm work.

After fixing the irrigation system with Alec’s help, Colby didn’t need much convincing to take a break from the hot sun and go swimming in the river with Alec. The river’s edge sets the stage for these two horny best friends, skinny dipping under the hot afternoon, and opens the door for Colby and Alec to take their friendship to the next level.


About the Author

I’m just a gay guy with a creative imagination and a propensity for writing, both at work and for fun. I had no idea how much I would like writing stories until I started penning the ideas in my head. Then those ideas became works of flash fiction that I decided to expand into short stories.

Now, I’m enjoying a side hobby as a gay erotic and romance author. I’m working hard on several hot & sexy stories and I hope to share with them for your enjoyment and pleasure. Today I live in New Hampshire with my husband. Life is good. Cheers!

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