Falling Into Trust

by Sarah Havan

Falling Into Trust - Sarah Havan
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Pages: 181

For the past two years, Spence has hated no one more than James; now he’s forced to spend a week with him.

Spence was excited to go up to the lake resort for his sister’s wedding, but that was until she tells him about the wedding games she planned and that she has paired him with a partner, James Vander, the boy he almost kissed. Also, the very boy that ruined his life his senior year of high school. For the love of his sister, he says he’ll play along, but when he sees James for the first time in a couple of years, much to his chagrin, he can’t take his eyes off of him. James is no longer that obnoxious weirdo. He’s a scruffy, self-made millionaire at the age of twenty, and they can’t deny the attraction they feel toward each other.

If Spence can get over his trust issues, he might be able to let James into his life, but James might prove that he’s not worthy of his trust.

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About the Author

Sarah Havan’s writing professor once tried to convince her to change her major to fiction writing. She didn’t listen and ended up getting a degree in stuff. Many years later, she realized she needed to do what she truly loved most, writing. Her fingers haven’t left the keyboard since.