Everyday Miracles

by Bree Cariad

Everyday Miracles - Bree Cariad - Love Conquers All
Part of the Love Conquers All series:

Prequel to Light in the Dark Night

Reverend Jonathon Neiland has been working for four years to open an LGBT youth shelter, but the city council has shut him down every time. That the new leader of the council, Court Brecker, is on his side seems nothing short of a miracle.

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Everyday Miracles is the short story that launched the Light in the Dark Night novel plot. It was featured in the One Pulse Anthology until Sep 19, 2018.

About the Author

Bree is a best-selling inspirational & sweet romance author. Xe identifies as non-normative, multi-gender and believes in love in all forms and that happily ever afters come in many ways. Whether in a romance or a non-romance, in xys stories, love conquers all.

While xe enjoys the xe, xys, xem, xemself pronouns, xe isn't sussed about it. Call Bree she, he, or xe. As xys gender identity is fluid, odds are you'll get it right some of the time 😉

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