Evan the Virgin Reindeer & His Sexy Buck, #2

Willy the Kinky Elf & His Bad-Ass Reindeer, #2

by Candi Kay

From the world of Willy the Kinky Elf & His Bad-Ass Reindeer.

The North Pole isn't exactly as it appears in fairy tales. It has the elves and Santa and his reindeer, but Santa and Mrs. Claus aren't the jolly couple the world believes them to be. Far from it, actually. The reindeer are all shape-shifters who transform into gorgeous beings in human form and are respected by all.

Reindeer Evan is brand new to Santa's sleigh. When two reindeer are fired for voicing objections over the Chief Reindeer's elf, Evan is offered a chance to fulfill his lifelong dream and make his parents proud. Unfortunately his sworn enemy is hired at the same time. When the bullying reindeer takes things too far, Reindeer Derek swoops in and saves Evan from certain death. It's embarrassing enough for the rookie to have to be rescued, but he's also still a virgin. Being a virgin reindeer at twenty-one is unheard of in the North Pole, but Derek is more than eager to help him with that particular problem.

When things take a violent turn for both the elves and the reindeer, everyone must work together in hopes of saving Christmas. In the midst of it all, two reindeer might just find love along the way.

31,000 words, 98 Kindle pages.

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Reviews:Lisa on Goodreads wrote:

"OMG! I can't tell you how much I loved this book.
Evan was brilliant as the narrator, telling us how it is on the North Pole and the story of how he hooked up with Derek. Lots of Randy and Willy moments too.
A perfect Christmas book."

Stella on Goodreads wrote:

"Another winning stories in this crazy series. I loved it and I can't wait to read Blake story.
Willy is the best, always!"

Mrs. Reader on My Book Fixation wrote:

"Why did I love this one? Well Evan was adorable for one and he was a virgin. I love virgins, they are awesome! Always timid and unsure of themselves, at first. The chemistry between these two is more of a slow burn not a quick down and dirty. Where with Willy the Kinky Elf we just get straight to the point. The smexy time is AMAZING. You know I like my reads steamy and you definitely get that here. Plus I got to see more of Willy and his Big bad ass Randy who are still very much in love. We also get to check up on the evil Santa and the wicked Mrs. Claus, . I love that I get to say that. I mean Santa is supposed to be fat and jolly and so is Mrs. Claus, not sexy, LOL."

About the Author

A blogger by day, at night Candi Kay transforms into a writer of various genres, with an emphasis on LGBTQ and erotica. Author of the Willy the Kinky Elf & His Bad-Ass Reindeer series, Candi's books are often filled with humor, lovable and kooky characters, and sweet happily-ever-afters.

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