Edge of Deceit

by Zane Menzy

Edge of Decent - Zane Menzy

Sometimes you must abandon your fate to achieve your destiny

Mild-mannered accountant Dane Dravitski has always viewed his best mate Anton as a bright spark in his life, but unexpectedly that bright spark has ignited into a burning desire. Unfortunately, Anton is strictly a ladies’ man, and Dane is forced to hide his heart’s true feelings. However, a tantalising opportunity presents itself on a boy’s night out, and Dane’s burning desire begins to shed light on some very dark shadows.

Despite laidback appearances, Anton Matthews is a control freak who has known since a young age he was destined for success. A success that would help heal the scars of his troubled youth. Now at twenty-nine, and the danger of bankruptcy looming, he is growing impatient for some good fortune. To Anton’s amazement, a shocking revelation from Dane offers him a chance to rectify his situation, but submitting to it means sacrificing his only protection; control.

As the raw love and painful history of their friendship is slowly revealed in a house haunted by its past and ghostly secrets, both men are forced to confront their demons while walking the… Edge of Deceit.


WARNING: This emotionally-charged steamy romance touches on some dark themes. It contains descriptions of violence, suicide, sexually aggressive behaviour and wayward attempts at Kiwi humour.

About the Author

Zane lives way, way down under in New Zealand. He is a fan of reading, movies, music, sport, ducklings and nights out that usually lead to his head hanging in a bucket the next morning.

He enjoys creating characters who have flaws, crazy thoughts and a tendency to make bad decisions.

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