Eager For You

by H.L Day

Eager For You - H.L Day
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD

Who better to fake it than two people who do it for a living?

Student Josh Keating, better known in the adult film world as Angel, has a problem. His family expects to meet his boyfriend that weekend. Except he doesn't have one. When fresh-faced newbie Leo Stone offers himself up to play the part, Josh finds it impossible to turn him down.

Damian Price has only masqueraded as Leo Stone for a couple of months so far, his decision to join the studio heavily influenced by the huge torch he carries for Angel. He might just be his biggest fan. So, of course he's going to jump at the chance to play his boyfriend for the weekend. As long as Josh doesn't get wind of Damian's true feelings or see through the little white lies he's been telling, everything will be fine.

One weekend.

One bed.

A growing mutual attraction.

An adult film star who's not above using his own performances for the purposes of seduction.

Can a fake relationship turn into a real one? Damian's keeping his fingers crossed it will.

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About the Author

H.L Day grew up in the North of England. As a child she was an avid reader, spending lots of time at the local library or escaping into the imaginary worlds created by the books she read. Her grandmother first introduced her to the genre of romance novels, as a teenager, and all the steamy sex they entailed. Naughty Grandma!

One day, H.L Day stumbled upon the world of m/m romance. She remained content to read other people’s books for a while, before deciding to give it a go herself.

Now, she’s a teacher by day and a writer by night. Actually, that’s not quite true—she’s a teacher by day, procrastinates about writing at night and writes in the school holidays, when she’s not continuing to procrastinate. After all, there’s books to read, places to go, people to see, exercise at the gym to do, films to watch. So many things to do—so few hours to do it in. Every now and again, she musters enough self-discipline to actually get some words onto paper—sometimes they even make sense and are in the right order.

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