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E85: Compression

by Derain Collier

E85 Compression - Derain Collier
Part of the E85 series:
ISBN: 9781718619524
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 347

When friendly competition turns four disparate car enthusiasts into speed-addicted street racers, they find out they share more than just an addiction to adrenaline...

In bustling metropolitan Manzano Springs, New Mexico, four friends (Chris, a contract welder, Brandon, an architect, Jason, a corporate executive, and Eric, a college student) suddenly find themselves navigating self-discovery in both their professional and private lives while sharing nothing in common save their love of fast cars—or so they thought.

When lifelong friends Chris and Eric embark on a seemingly light-hearted, fun string of intimate encounters, their carelessness leads them into getting caught by one of their other lifelong connections, Brandon. In the embarrassment, Chris can't figure out why it bothers him so much that Brandon saw him. Worse yet, why Brandon reacts completely different from what he would have expected.

Old feelings for Brandon surface as Chris and Eric continue their "situationship." That is, until their new friend Jason nearly catches them entangled in each other's arms. Eric's newly awakened appetite makes his eyes wander and Jason seems all too happy to oblige, causing Chris to suddenly re-evaluate his feelings for Brandon

Will Jason and Eric's passion for each other burn out before it has time to truly bud into love? Will Brandon and Chris' past finally clear up why they've been a "Missed Connection" for most of their lives and allow their slow burn to finally ignite?

Fast cars instigate a lot of drama, and these boys are always up for the challenge; whether that challenge be on the road, in the bedroom, or from outside of their group.

Publisher: Independently Published
Pairings: M-M, M-M-M, 4+ or Other
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Bisexual, Questioning, Polyamorous
Protagonist 1 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 2 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 3 Age: 18-25
Tropes: Everyone is Queer, Fated Mates / Soul Mates, Find Love and Come Out, First Time, Friends to Lovers, Gay for You / Straight to Gay, Interracial Relationship, Menage, Most Mindblowing Sex Ever, Passing as Straight, Sex Buddies Become Lovers, Slow Burning Love, Smartass Twinks
Word Count: 128000
Setting: United States, New Mexico, Manzano Springs
Languages Available: English
Series Type: Continuous / Same Characters

Saturday morning, Chris jumped out of his bed, brushed his teeth, showered, slipped on a pair of light gray sweatpants, forgetting to put a shirt on, and quickly made his way to the garage. He meticulously checked every fastener and plug to make sure nothing was out of place on his Saab. Something was off, though. Not with the car, but with himself. Chris was nervous. He had butterflies in his stomach. We haven’t hung out, alone, together since… gosh, I don’t even know when.

Not only was Chris nervous about catching up with Brandon, he was still concerned about Brandon’s opinion of him after he caught Eric and him with their pants down, literally. Chris wanted to quietly pick Brandon’s mind about what he saw, without it being too obvious.


I’m so transparent. He’s going to see through every question I lob at him but fuck it. I just have to know! Chris lamented and debated as he dredged up the courage to interrogate Brandon. Chris continued checking oil and coolant lines for leaks and making sure all electrical plugs were fastened tightly, as his mind formulated ways to broach the subject.

So, yeah dicks and stick shifts? Chris thought, Stupid… What about, “Talk about getting caught with your pants down!”? No, still super obvious. ‘You saw my dick then. What did you think?’

Breaking out of his thought spiral, he started the truck for a few seconds and checked for pressurized leaks, finding none. However, it idled terribly with the larger cam and he quickly shut the truck off. The discovery made Chris even more anxious for Brandon to show up.

“It’s almost done!” he said, his excitement peaking.

Chris bent over his Saab and noticed the material of his sweatpants for the first time. His whole lower body was alive and all of his nerves in a frenzy. The material found its way between his cheeks and caressed his thighs as he continued searching for loose fittings and hoses. His mind wandered through ways to talk to Brandon as the butterflies in his stomach were getting the best of him. Slowly, his anxiety turned to arousal as his thoughts progressed from getting information to imagining Brandon at the gym.

Chris saw Brandon’s physique more times than he could count, but it was not his body that his stomach was in knots over. It was Brandon’s smile, his charisma, his laugh. Chris was especially drawn to his light brown eyes. I bet his skin is soft as hell, too, Chris thought as he contemplated all the times he wanted to touch Brandon’s skin. He was always just a little too scared to touch Brandon long enough to take it in, for fear of Brandon recoiling and punching him.

“Focus, dude! This is Brandon we’re talking about. Of course, he’s not going to be into you!” Chris snarled at himself.

Just as he pulled himself from his daydream, he heard the sound of turbocharged V8 growling and whistling in the distance.

There he is! Chris thought giddily as he peered around the lowered Saab 9-7X and waited for the Range Rover to pull into his driveway. Thirty seconds later, Brandon pulled in.

“Oh, he’s just showing off today,” Chris chuckled to himself. Brandon did not arrive in the Range Rover that Chris was expecting. He drove his silver 1991 Porsche 928 GTS.

This guy, man. I forgot he still had that 383-cid LS swapped Porsche. He always has the strangest cars, but no matter what, they’re always the fastest in the region. That one looks crazy, though. “So, you’re just going to come here showing off in that Estate Sale Porsche, eh?” Chris shouted as the Porsche’s door opened.

“You know I can’t resist a good deal on a rare car with a blown engine!” Brandon laughed as he stood up outside of his Porsche with his laptop in his hand. He walked toward the garage with a wide smile, “Besides, if it makes you jealous, I’ve done my job.”

Reviews:I. K. on Goodreads wrote:

So... Let's just preface this with there is a fair bit of On The Page action in the beginning of the book. It's really good.

When things get complicated between Eric and Chris, and feelings get discovered it changes from what feels like just PWP to serious self-discovery and romance. Chris' struggle is interesting and I like how the story broadens and the characters gain multiple dimensions as you go along.

Chris is a tortured soul and Brandon is just the right bestfriend to have. They're cute together.

Overall when Jason's family gets involved things get interesting. Excellent book that seems to get more dramatic the farther you go.

The E85 series will give the reader a base knowledge of car tuning information that gets built upon in later books and as the world expands. From the basic "How engines work" to advanced concepts of camshaft profiles. Keep up with the people who love cars when they start talking about car stuff!

About the Author

Derain Collier has an enduring love for the built environment and of fast transportation as an architect and a car fanatic. His life-long obsession with cars has led him down a long, sometimes meandering path to being an author. Mostly though, it is just his sudden craving for romance novels based around cars (Hey, everyone loves a good love story here and there. Don't judge me.)

He practices architecture, and car tuning, as a day job and by night, he continues to explore the various sectors of car culture and unconventional romance in a Not-Always-Perfect fictional metropolis Manzano Springs, New Mexico.