by Larry Ross

Dreamson - Larry E. Ross
Editions:Paperback: $ 9.00
ISBN: 1544881371
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 87
Kindle: $ 8.00
ISBN: 1544881371
Pages: 87

What would start as a normal day would turn into a quest to save their best friend. A quest of self-discovery, love, and friendship when fear is on the rise. Join Prince Christophori on a journey that will forever change his life and the lives of those around him.


Alphonse appeared at the door to the garden. He felt oddly nervous about this whole thing. He couldn’t really explain why. He knew he had nothing to worry about. Alphonse realized early on that he was different. The girls all flocked to him but none of them interested him. He always found himself drawn to guys. He could befriend any girl that he wanted, but when it came to making friends with guys, he had difficulty keeping friends. He didn’t know if he should tell Christophori or wait since they had just met.
“I am glad you made it, finally,” Christophori said.
“Sorry. I got a little turned around. It’s like a huge maze in there,” Alphonse said, pointing back to the castle. “Why did you want to meet out here?”
“No reason. I wanted to give you a chance to get into those new clothes. I am really glad you like them. We should make our way to the dining room to get some breakfast before we catch up with Krystine.”
“Lead the way.


I might get us lost!” Alphonse laughed. Christophori couldn’t help but chuckle and shake his head as they made their way back to the castle.
The two were talking as they headed down to the dining hall. The whole time, they failed to notice that they weren’t alone as they entered the room.
“Hello, boys!” Solina said cheerfully, causing both of them jump a foot in the air. This made the queen laugh hysterically. “Did something scare you?”
“Mother!” Christophori shouted in a mixture of surprise and embarrassment.
“Your majesty?” Alphonse said in unison.
“I’m sorry, boys! I couldn’t help myself. You both were completely oblivious to me that I wanted to have a little fun.”
After looking at each other quizzically, they lightened up and laughed with the queen about what had happened.
“So, Alphonse, what is this story you are telling?” asked Solina.


About the Author

Larry is a graduate of Northwestern State University of Louisiana. He completed his first book, DreamSong. in 2017. He has worked for Walt Disney World and felt inspired to write a different fairytale. He enjoys cooking, drawing, and being creative. He lives at home with his two dogs and one cat.

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