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Dream Infected

by Melissa E Costa

Dream infected - Melissa E. Costa - Take a Chance
Pages: 35

Brett, one of the few survivors of Sandman’s Dream, infecting most of humanity, is secretly in love with his best friend, Ivan. When Ivan becomes infected, will Brett be forced to abandon him to the Dream, or will he fight for one he loves?

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Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 1
Romantic Content: 1
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Character Identities: Bisexual, Gay
Protagonist 1 Age: Under 18
Protagonist 2 Age: Under 18
Tropes: Friends to Lovers
Word Count: 7440
Setting: Post Apocalyptic
Languages Available: English

The Sleeper stopped a few paces away. Slowly, its mouth opened, widened, the ghostly face stretching… stretching… Then it screamed, a piercing shriek that hit me square in the gut.


I stood there, paralysed by the Sleeper’s unearthly cry, tipped spear shaking in my grasp.

“Brett!” Ivan jumped down from the ledge. The two Sleepers that had been watching me returned their attention to him.

“Ivan, no.” Despite my paralysis, my voice resounded through the cave. The two male Sleepers staggered towards Ivan. Perhaps sensing its companions about to make contact, the female turned to look.

“That’s right.” Ivan taunted. “Come and get me. Brett, run!”


The Sleepers advanced on him, arms extended, fingertips inches from his face. I’ve never believed in the Gods; how could I, with the world in ruins and the constant struggle for survival? Yet, as I willed my body to move, I prayed to every deity I’d ever heard of. With painful slowness, I edged my left foot forward.



First published 2016 by Beaten Track Publishing, originally part of the Take a Chance anthology. It is still part of that anthology, but this is a separate release published independently.

About the Author

Melissa writes character-driven fiction, and any genre is fair game! When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, anime, manga and gaming. Living by the motto of trying all things twice, Melissa has jumped out of a perfectly good plane, swam with manatees, dove head first into Alice’s rabbit hole, and seduced classy ladies in 6-inch heels. A free-spirited bohemian, she currently lives in artsy St. Petersburg, Florida with her soulmate and their two, adorably needy cats.