Dragon Claimed

by Misha Paige

Dragon Claimed - Misha Paige - Kindled by Fate
Part of the Kindled by Fate series:
Editions:Kindle - 2: $ 2.99
Pages: 164

When Josiah defies a powerful man to save his sister, he is left as a sacrifice to the mountain dragon. To his shock, instead of being killed, he is given a chance of a new life.

Drawn to the dragon, Alaric, Josiah yearns for more than friendship and finds it could be possible. He could be part of triad mating with Alaric and his mate, Krystos, who is away serving as guard to the dragon king.

When Krystos returns, a tragic misunderstanding almost shatters them before they begin, yet Josiah will not give up the opportunity fate has offered.
But how can they claim him, a human?

Except, Josiah could be more than he appears. When Alaric is threatened while Krystos is pulled back into royal duty, it will be up to Josiah to save him.

If Josiah is strong enough to embrace what sleeps deep within his blood. ​

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With all that I had learned, I dared to think that I would soon be able to call Alaric friend with no reservations still in my heart.

Yet, surprisingly, it was not the fear of his being dragon that caused those few misgivings. It was my own folly. The way I would catch myself studying the way his pants clung to his body, defining every muscled line. The rounded curves of his buttocks that made my hands itch to touch when he bent over to pick something off the floor.

The sharp definition of his chest and shoulders as he moved furniture around in my room to make it more my own.

And sometimes I would swear that he looked at me the same.

It was confusing and terribly exciting at the same time. If he gave me one word of encouragement I thought that I might just throw caution to the wind and offer myself for his pleasure.

Or just crook his finger in my direction.


Every night when he wished me a good night's rest I would perceive a faint yearning in his gaze and my breath would catch, as I wondered—hoped—that this night might be the one where he asked me to keep him company in his room.

But he never did.

This night I was tossing and turning in my bed, unable to sleep because of the fevered dreams of Alaric caressing me, kissing me, fucking me when I heard a strange noise coming from the other room.

Alaric's room.

I rose from my bed and started to investigate. Then I hesitated halfway across the chamber that separated our bedchambers. Yet, there it was again. Almost sounding like a pained groan. My breath caught.

Was he ill?

Another, deeper moan drifted to me and I knew I had to make sure he was alright. So I pulled the curtain slightly to one side, just enough that I could peek through and check on him.

My gaze went first to the bed that was much larger than mine but it was empty. I started searching the room, finally coming to a stop as my jaw dropped open in shock.

Alaric was not ill.

Oh my Gods above!

Across the room from me, Alaric sat on the edge of a heavy wooden, armless chair that sat against the wall, legs spread wide as he leaned back.



About the Author

Misha is the alter ego of stay-at-home mom of four. Happily married for almost thirty years, she got a kick out of surprising her hubby by getting published and also, by what she chose to write about. She is thrilled about being able to share the stories that have lived in her head all her life.

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