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Double-Edged Sword

Memories With The Breakfast Club

by Avery Duran

Double-Edged Sword - Avery Duran
Part of the Memories with The Breakfast Club series:
Editions:Kindle - Second Edition

Gabe Cotter is an out-and-proud elementary school teacher who has moved back to the New York City neighborhood where he grew up. He hopes to pave the way by setting an example for others since youth was a rocky road for him. When a false alarm brings a handsome but ornery firefighter to his doorstep, he can’t help but be intrigued…especially when fate keeps bringing them together, and Gabe catches a glimpse of the cranky man’s softer side.

Chris Mancini has learned the hard way that some things are better left unsaid. A third-generation firefighter, his job and family responsibilities keep him firmly in the closet. He can’t get the feisty teacher he met on a false alarm call out of his mind, though. When they meet again in a bar, Chris’s reservations go out the window and the two share a passionate night together.

One night leads to another, and to another, until Chris and Gabe are spending all of their free time in each other’s company. The deeper their feelings grow, the more Gabe struggles with balancing the open life he is trying to live with Chris’s closeted one. When Gabe realizes he can no longer live with the secrecy, the decision Chris must make cuts both ways.

Note: This 10,000 word novelette was originally released in January of 2018 as part of the Memories of The Breakfast Club Kindle World. Although the book has been re-edited, there have been no substantive changes to the storyline.

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About the Author

Parent Association President by day, Romance Author by night, Avery Duran enjoys the best of all worlds. She’s a minivan-driving, cupcake-baking, soccer mom, who works outside the home while raising three rambunctious boys. Easily distracted by shiny things, Avery found making up stories in her head was an effective way to fool people into thinking she was paying attention. Eventually, she decided to write down one of those stories, and her alter-ego was born.

She’s always been a voracious reader, Avery’s mother still brings up the time her school called because she refused to stop reading during math class. Avery is pleased to confirm that she has managed just fine without whatever important math lesson was being taught that day.

A native New Yorker, she often incorporates her favorite city into what she writes. During the day, while driving, watching endless YouTube videos, or animated shows with her offspring, she plots her stories. At night, when her husband and children go to sleep, Avery sits in a quiet house and puts those words on paper. She loves spending her downtime creating a world filled with people loving and laughing their way to happily-ever-after.