Docklands Diamond

by S A Smythe

Docklands Diamond - S.A. Smythe
Editions:Kindle - First: $ 2.50 USD
Pages: 197

Warning: More utter, explicit filth. And a talking penis.

On the morning after his 35th birthday, nightclub owner, Alex Logan, is left with the hazy memory of a sensual encounter with a handsome Scottish stockbroker. While the affair is a bit of a shock, it is nothing compared to the bizarre change taking place in his body. Body parts are not supposed to talk, let alone being opinionated and sex-mad, but such is the case with his new best friend, Broadsword.

Leith Johnson is a sexed-up executive who would do damned-near anything to get Alex into bed, including enlisting the help of his sister, an amateur witch. It is no surprise when their hocus-pocus love potion goes spectacularly wrong.

Alex has spent most of his life trying to convince himself he is straight. Now it is up to Broadsword to prove him wrong, and convince him that despite the botched witchcraft, Leith Johnson is Mr. Right.

Cover Artists:
Pairings: M-M
Heat Level: 5
Romantic Content: 5
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay, Questioning
Protagonist 1 Age: 36-45
Protagonist 2 Age: 36-45
Tropes: Alpha Character, Coming Out / Closeted, Find Love and Come Out, First Time, Most Mindblowing Sex Ever, Office / Workplace Romance, One Night Stand, Thrill of the Chase
Word Count: 55,000
Setting: London, England
Languages Available: English
Reviews:Aya on Goodreads Inc wrote:

M/M erotica meets bizarro. Count me in! I doubt I would have picked this one up if it wasn’t for the fact a friend reviewed it and mentioned a talking dick – something I was too curious about to let the story go unread. I’m so glad I read this, it was funny, steamy, sweet, and there’s an HEA for those that are so inclined. Pure entertainment, that’s what this is.

I don’t have much to say about the two MCs because Broadsword was easily the star of the show. He deserved the spotlight and I wished he had more dialogue just so I could get more opportunities to chuckle at how well he torments Alex. As for Alex and Leith, aside from a couple of moments of douchebaggery, honestly, they didn’t leave a lasting impression but I’m not at all disappointed because Broadsword made up for it.

The sex is panty-wetting. The scene at the private party was definitely something to remember. Watersports and bukkake make a much appreciated appearance. I really just couldn’t get enough of the debauchery. If only there was more *sigh*

Hoping there’s a second installation soon. Recommended to anyone looking for an easy, erotic M/M read but is ok with a dash of comedic relief and the bizarre.

L M Kennett on Amazon US wrote:

Well, in all the hundreds of MM books Iv've read I have never read about a speaking dick. This book was so funny when Alex was having discussions with his dick.

It all starts when Alex is given a magic potion which gives him one wish. Unfortunately, Alex mutters the first thing in his brain and its a hard dick. Hence the beginning of the story of Broadsword.

Alex believs he is straight but Broadsword thinks he is gay and sets about trying to get him to fall in love with Leith.

So a novel idea but unfortunately there is a lot of sex. Leith and Alex get it on alot before the breakup. Somethings bothered me. The orgy for one. Too much. Alex goes into it without a thought and I felt it was a little like cheating.

So, if you want a book which is an easy read sprinkled with lots of laughs this is it. Nice secondary characters and the MCs do get their HEA in the end.

Looks as if there is a book 2 which I will certainly read.

Storm Chase on Goodreads Inc wrote:

I love Savannash Smythe, now rebranded as SA Smythe, so I was expecting to enjoy Docklands Diamond - and I did!

Docklands Diamond is laugh out loud funny, tender and sexy in turns. I do love the banter and sense of fun that trademarks British romance novels. It’s so real, and so incredibly human. I think heartwarming is the word I’m looking for.

Alex and his talking cock, Broadsword, had me in fits of giggles. I also liked Leith, the playboy with the dark side, Kento, the fun and sensible friend, Shirley, the embarrassing mum, and Willow, the no-nonsense witch.

Critical reviews mean pointing out the rough with the smooth. There’s nothing bad about this book at all, except that I wasn’t in the mood for a lot of sex, and as it’s an erotic romance, I skipped a few of the longer scenes. It didn’t worry me because the story kept me enthralled.

About the Author

I've been writing for many years, starting out at County College of Morris in New Jersey with a course in Journalism. Since then I've published five novels for Black Lace Books under a pseudonym (Savannah Smythe) and one ghostwritten book for glamour celebrity, Abi Titmuss, in 2005 (10 Fantasies.) Also, I've published two M/M erotica stories as S. A. Smythe, Lexington Black and Docklands Diamond, both available on Amazon and Smashwords.

I’ve also published The Cloud Seeker and Closer Than Blood, both romantic suspense novels under Hollow Hills Publishing. At the moment, I’m working on my third Jayne Lockwood novel. I draw from my experiences as an Englishwoman and my time in New Jersey. The area of the Chilterns where I grew up and where I live now is rich in inspiration, secrets and tales from the past.

Finally, I write book reviews for WROTE Podcast ( WROTE stands for WRitten On The Edge, and features authors and other creatives from the LGBTQ community. I’m very proud to be a part of this venture, which was started in 2014 by myself, S.A. Collins and Vance Bastian, both terrific authors and friends. The podcast is going from strength to strength, and is a great way of getting to know some fantastic LGBTQ writers and artists.

More information on my work can be found on, or S.A. Smythe's blog,