Distance of the Heart

Emily and Tabby

by agnes h hagadus

Distance of the Heart - Agnes H. Hagadus

Emily Dunst is called back to Sacramento, California for a medical crisis involving both her parents. This is just as her relationship with her soulmate, Tabby Smith, has begun to mend. Not only does it place nearly three thousand miles between them, it also places emotional barriers as well. All of this is further complicated by Tabby’s son not trusting Emily not to break his mother’s, or his, heart once again. There’s a new woman who seems to be becoming obsessed with Emily, while Tabby’s ex is back in Middletown. It’s not only about the physical distance two lovers can have, but also the emotional ones.

The characters originated in Another Time Another Place, Coming Home and Safe Harbor. Recommend reading those novels first.

About the Author

writer of lesbian romance/suspense/thrillers.

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