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Diabolical: Demon of Royal Paynes

by Kiki Burrelli

Diabolical - Kiki Burrelli - Demon of Royal Paynes
Part of the Demon of Royal Paynes series:
  • Diabolical: Demon of Royal Paynes
Part of the Wolves of Royal Paynes series:

Two men from different worlds, thrust together by fate.

Demon king and all-around perfect specimen, Claus is the only ruler of the underworld to have stopped an apocalypse. He's earned a break, and his job in hell can wait for him to explore the pleasures and delights of the human world.

County sheriff and mediocre fisher, Jake, lives a quiet existence. His life goals are to protect his town and not end up like his father, whose obsession with the paranormal cost him his life. He's never had issues keeping his gaze straight until Claus. The charming man explodes into his world, forcing Jake to confront the feelings brewing in his heart.

He has no idea that Claus has a purpose, one that can't be fulfilled in the human realm. Jake was always more than a notch on his bedpost, but the human's effortless knack for making Claus feel like more than a demon makes him dread the one-way journey he must eventually take home.

When an enemy demon king attacks, determined to bring about Jake's painful death, he's forced into the only pair of arms that have any chance of protecting him. But, as their fight for survival takes them across the country, the two uncover an evil plot that puts all they hold dear in mortal danger.

Diabolical is a paranormal, gay romance spin-off from the Wolves of Royal Paynes series and may be read as a standalone but would be better enjoyed read in order.

Publisher: Independently Published

Diabolical is a spin-off novel within the Wolves of World. While each series may be read on their own, the world is best enjoyed in order:
Wolves of Walker County

Wolves of Royal Paynes


About the Author

Kiki Burrelli hails from the foggy, rain-soaked woods of the Pacific Northwest where she sometimes leaves her hobbit hole to interact with actual people. Her days are spent putting her inappropriate thoughts on paper, tiring out her two dogs, and trying to convince her partner to watch scary movies so they can explain all the scary parts while she covers her eyes.