Curses, Foiled Again: Audiobook Edition

by Sera Trevor

Felix is a vampire - a fierce creature of the night who strikes terror into the hearts of everyone unlucky enough to become his prey. Or at least, that's what he thought was true, until he met John. John is completely unimpressed with Felix, much to his dismay. Felix becomes fixated on proving his ferocity to John - and when that doesn't work, he strives to make any impression on him at all.

John is a witch, and as all witches know, vampires are notoriously stupid creatures who only have the power to hurt those who fear them. Besides, he's under a curse much more frightening than any vampire. Felix's desperate attempts to impress him annoy John at first, but gradually, they become sort of endearing. Because of his curse, John has pushed everyone in his life away. But Felix can't be hurt, so there's no harm in letting him hang around.

Felix is technically dead. John has nothing left to live for. But together, they might have a shot at life.

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Felix fidgeted in his seat for an agonizing twenty minutes; he’d never been good at waiting. But at last, he was rewarded when John emerged from the kitchen, carrying a tray. Felix picked up the menu Lo had neglected to take back and opened it, obscuring his face. When John arrived, he lowered it slowly.

“Hello, John,” he said. He gave him a smile with just a hint of fang.

He had hoped John would at least be a little startled, but John just leveled a cool gaze at him. “What do you want?”

Felix tried not to be discouraged. “It appears you cannot hide from me.”

“Guess not,” John said.

Felix set the menu down. “Aren’t you at least a little disturbed by that?”

“Not really.”

“Don’t you want to know by what terrifying means I was able to track you down?”

“It wouldn’t take Sherlockian genius to figure out. I was wearing a shirt with the name of this restaurant on it when we met.”


Actually, he hadn’t noticed, but he wasn’t about to tell John that. “Well, if you aren’t afraid, why have you been hiding from me? And don’t deny it—you haven’t been home in weeks!”

“Yes, I have.”

“No, you haven’t—I’ve been watching your place, and I haven’t seen you enter or leave.”

John rubbed his temple. “Were you watching my place during daylight hours?”

“Of course not!”


It took Felix a moment to get it; if John had only left or entered during the day, he wouldn’t have seen his comings and goings. “Oh.” Then he brightened. “But that means you were deliberately avoiding me. Surely that means you are at least a little bit afraid of me.”

“I’m annoyed by you.” John set the tray on the table. “I figured you would lose interest eventually.”

Felix grinned. “Then you figured wrong. I have not lost interest.”

“I’m going to ask you one more time—what do you want from me?”

The grin left Felix’s face. He hadn’t thought that far ahead. What did he want? “Would you like to get a drink sometime?” is what he finally came up with.

John stared at him. “You’re asking me out?”

Felix smiled, no fangs this time. “I suppose so. My name is Felix, by the way.”

“So let me get this straight. You try to attack me, stalk me, threaten my family and friends, track me down at my place of work, and now you want to know if I will go on a date with you?”

Felix gave him a helpless shrug. The whole thing was a surprise to him, too.

John pointed to the door. “Get the actual fuck out of here, and don’t come back.”

“You can’t kick me out—I’m a paying customer!”

“Last time I checked, vampires weren’t a protected class under US law, so we absolutely do have the right to kick your undead ass out on the street.”

Felix crossed his arms. “And last time I checked, you’re just a waiter and you don’t have the authority to do that!”

“Fine.” John whipped around and stomped off.

Felix slumped back in his seat. That had not gone well.


Audiobook narrated by Michael T Bradley

About the Author

Sera Trevor is terminally curious and views the 35 book limit at her local library as a dare. She’s a little bit interested in just about everything, which is probably why she can’t pin herself to one subgenre. Her books are populated with dragons, vampire movie stars, shadow people, and internet trolls. (Not in the same book, obviously, although that would be interesting!) Her works have been nominated for several Goodreads M/M Romance Reader's Choice Awards, including Best Contemporary, Best Fantasy, and Best Debut, for which she won third prize in 2015 for her novella Consorting With Dragons.

She lives in California with her husband, two kids, and a cat the size of three cats.

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