Cravings of the Heart

by Nicky James

For years, Arden McMillan has been hiding his phobia in plain sight. People can believe whatever they want to believe about him so long as they never learn the truth. It’s easier to lie than to be seen as a coward. Besides, it’s no one’s business but his own.

It’s been ten years since Ignatius Rojas—or Iggy—has seen Arden. Their reunion doesn’t suit either of their families, but their connection is hard to ignore.

The problem is, Iggy sees behind Arden’s masks. He sees the way Arden is slowly killing himself, and he can only ignore it for so long. If he can’t break through Arden’s tough shell and convince him he needs help, he could end up burying the man he’s growing to love.

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About the Author

Nicky James live in the small town of Petrolia, Ontario, Canada and is mother to a wonderful teenage boy and wife to a truly supportive and understanding husband, who thankfully doesn't think she is crazy.

Nicky has always had two profound dreams in life; to fall back hundreds of years in time and live in a simpler world, not bogged down by technology and to write novels. Since one of those dreams is impossible, she decided to make the other come alive on paper.

Nicky writes mm romance novels that take place in fantastical, medieval type settings and loves to use the challenges of the times to give her stories and characters life.
Nicky has also ventured into writing other sub genres of mm romance including contemporary, historical and Mythological.

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