Confession: Gay Erotic Tales #3: Gay Erotica

by Gavin E. Black

Confession - Gavin E. Black - Gay Erotic Tales
ISBN: 978-1-927553-04-6
ISBN: 978-1-927553-04-6
ISBN: 978-1-927553-04-6

Romance, love, and coming out

Connor had come to the realization that there was something more happening between him and Jake than either one of them was willing to admit. Trying to figure out what that something was though, was proving to be difficult. Jake had taken off without a word the morning after their bizarre night at the club Crush, and Connor had no idea where he was, or when he was coming back.

Or that he was coming back at all.

Previously published as THIRD TIME'S A CHARM

About the Author

Gavin E. Black is the Gay Erotica persona of LGBTQ Fiction author Leigh Jarrett, because every girl needs a naughty alter ego.

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