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Coming Home

Sam and Abby

by agnes h hagadus

Coming Home - Agnes H. Hagadus

It’s four months after the tragic events of Another Time Another Place. Abigail Jones is living in Middletown taking care of her nephew and her soulmate’s son. The woman has become hardened, a shell of the woman she was only months earlier when she found the woman who completed her. No one can comfort her, not even her mother-in-law. Samantha finds herself in the clutches of the man who set her up to die. Too weak to do anything but bide her time, the four months go by slowly. An unlikely person comes to her aide, but it’s not someone she can trust. Soon she finds herself barely able to walk and on her own, trying desperately to find her way back to her soulmate. Family, enemies and other outside forces continue to find ways to keep these two soulmates separated for good. Can they find one another? Can they overcome the issues that separated them in the first place? Will they ever find their way home again?

About the Author

writer of lesbian romance/suspense/thrillers.

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