by McKay, T.a.

Clay - T.A. McKay - Leaving Marks & Undercover
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Some people are born to be doctors. Some are born to be artists. Clay Wilson was born to protect. His whole life he's had to protect those around him, and now he's made a career of just that. People trust him, and why wouldn’t they? He can read people better than most, and with the body of a soldier, people seem to think he is more than capable of looking after them. Good people run to him for help and the bad guys run in fear, no one brave enough to stand up to him … until Sam.

Samuel Leighton has spent his life in the shadows, becoming one of the most sought after computer experts in the country. The only thing is very few people know who he really is. He's a ghost that gets the job done, no matter how difficult it seems. He doesn’t think twice when one of his few friends need help, but what he didn’t expect was to find himself in the middle of a plan to hurt people. Now he's playing a battle of wits with a voice on the phone, and the voice makes his heart beat faster.

When they meet it soon becomes apparent that their distaste for each other hides something more, something that Clay isn’t willing to admit. It’s a part of himself that he’s hidden all his life, and he’s not sure if he can admit it now.

Can you really live a life hiding half of who you are? Clay is about to find out that sometimes the one thing you need is one thing you didn’t expect.

About the Author

T.a. McKay is the author of romance stories with a darker edge. She started writing in 2014 when the voices in her head wouldn't be silenced any longer. Though her journey started writing MF stories, her love of LGBT romance took over and she wrote her first gay romance story in 2015. Since then she has drifted to the darker side of romance, bringing darkness and danger into her stories.

A self-proclaimed coffee addict, she lives in Scotland with her husband and three kids, and enjoys reading and talking to readers about books.

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