Christmas Opportunities

by Sydney Blackburn

Christmas Opportunities - Sydney Blackburn
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.99
Pages: 90

Eric is burnt out at work, and struggling with being a single parent since his sister and her husband died in a freak car accident. His boss and dear friend decides he needs a winter holiday in Banff to reconnect with his nephew and recharge for work.

Brady teaches business at a community college in Banff, aiming for a board position. He partially supports both his mother and baby sister, and he’s not looking for any more family who needs him.
But his attraction to Eric is undeniable, even though he knows nothing can ever come of it.

Excepte it might just be Brady who needs Eric and four-year-old Tyler.

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About the Author

Sydney Blackburn is a binary star system. Always a voracious reader, she began to write when she couldn’t find the stories she wanted to read. She likes candlelit dinners and long walks on the beach… oh wait, wrong profile. She’s a snarky introvert and admits to having a past full of casual sex and dubious hookups, which she uses for her stories.

She likes word play and puns and science-y things. And green curry. Believes sushi and kitfo are part of a raw food diet. Dislikes filling in "about me" fields.

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