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Choices Made – A Tale of the Gwerin

by Scott Simmons

Choices Made - Scott William Simmons - Gwerin
Part of the The Gwerin Series series:
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: $ 2.50 USD
Pages: 554
Paperback - First Edition: $ 18.75 USD
ISBN: 978-0-615-88382-3
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 554

Father murdered by marauders as a child, given refuge by a kindly priest, Keir Liam leaves the safety of Kinsale, the Birrnian capital, to set out across the land to discover his place in the world. On this adventure Liam will come to understand the meaning of friendship, and that a family isn't always the one you are born into, while his homeland, the kingdom of Birr, slowly slips towards war with the Menden Empire.
Book 1 and 2 of the Gwerin Series are available on Amazon, iTunes and Smashwords.


"Trust me." Kael whispered into Liam's ear. Kael's hot breath brushing against Liam's neck causing the fine hairs there to stand on end. "Stand up straight. Good. Now, raise the crossbow higher so you can sight down the bolt." As Liam did as he was told, Kael's right hand came up and grasped his left wrist to steady Liam's arm, allowing Kael's warm, muscled body to rub against Liam's. “Fire.”

Reviews:L.G. on Amazon wrote:

This is an extremely imaginative book that expertly manages to weave different story plots together to a satisfying conclusion . I will admit that, at first, keeping track of the various names was a bit daunting. I soon found that it was not a problem at all. Well worth picking up and reading.

About the Author

Scott William Simmons is an artist and author based in Rhode Island. A painter, Scott utilizes a singular palate and style on a wide range of subjects.  For the past fifteen years, Scott has successfully shown his work and has been represented by galleries in Provincetown, Massachusetts, and Providence, Rhode Island.

Particularly active in the visual arts community of Rhode Island, Scott is a current member of the Providence Art Club, Wickford Art Association, and the Foundry Artists Association. He has served on the Education Committee of the Providence Art Club since 2018, and formerly served as Chairperson of both Marketing and Membership for the Foundry Artists Association. He is a past member of the Provincetown Art Association and Museum, the Guild of Natural Science Illustration, and the Rhode Island Watercolor Society.

Scott has exhibited widely and is currently represented by Dryden Galleries in Providence. His works are held in private collections throughout the Northeast and beyond. Scott earned his Certificate in Natural Science Illustration as well as his Certificate in Drawing and Painting Studies at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). He holds his Associates Degree in Fine and Studio Arts from Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts.

"As an artist, I am fascinated with all aspects of painting. And over the years this medium has become a vehicle to investigate my curiosity. Constantly experimenting, I enjoy exploring the possibilities of color, composition, light, technique, theme and style. Whether examining the ambience of a Cape sunset, capturing the correct hues for red Adirondack chairs, or telling a story in an illustration, I pursue topics that interest me and strive to constantly refresh my work. Even when repeating a theme or composition, my goal is to convey novelty and excitement. In addition to this sense of newness, I would like my individual paintings to be appreciated for their detail, intricacy, and richness of color. Painting is a vibrant language, and for me, the enjoyment is in looking for interesting ways to speak it."

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