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Catching Blue Jay

by Jacy Braegan

Catching Blue Jay - Jacy Braegan
Part of the Oklahoma Hearts series:
  • Catching Blue Jay
Editions:ePub: $ 2.99 USD

After years of separation and silence, former best friends find not only each other, but also the attraction that still flares hot as ever. Will fears of the past and the return of a former fiancé cost them their second chance?

The disappearance of his best friend at 15 had Aidan battling his way through depression and suicidal thoughts to become a well-known software developer. With the support of the friends who saved his life, he’s got a great career and a life worth living. Only one thing is missing, the love he’d briefly known before his best friend moved and quit speaking to him.

Returning to Oklahoma in hopes of reuniting with the friend he’d ghosted years before, Jayson found only heartache and a man who’d end up leaving him at the altar. A chance meeting on a dance floor where he locks eyes with the pair he’d always known as well as his own sends him running in panic. Knowing that he needs to own up to what he’d done in the past, Jayson gathers up his courage to face Aidan and learns just how much damage he’d really done.

Both men fight fears of being left behind, keeping their budding relationship on shaky ground. When Jayson’s ex-fiancé shows back up, they have to discover if the foundation they’ve built is strong enough to withstand the pressure. Will Aidan take the leap to catch the Jayson’s heart forever?

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It’s such a good night. There are hot men all around and my best gal and best friends are surrounding me. Life can’t get much better (aside from the whole significant other business that is). It’s a nice summer night. The breeze outside is truly making it feel almost like heaven. Thankfully, it cooled off when the sun went down, or we’d have all been bad sweaty messes before we even made it into the doors of the club.


What would make the night even better? A hot guy dancing with me, and that wish was just granted. A hard body smaller than me presses up against me from behind. The smile jumps to my face before my back leans into that form. It doesn’t matter what he looks like right now. It’s not like I will take home the first guy that dances or flirts with me. Whoever he is though, he sure feels nice. He’s growing hard behind me, and it’s making me most intrigued with the situation. So ok, maybe I will take home the first guy that dances with me, if the size of his dick is any sign of his looks (we all know how that goes, so don’t pretend with me).

Motioning with my head to Clay, he goes to do reconnaissance for me on who is behind me. He’ll give me the heads up on if disappointment is in my future when my eyes lay on the guy. It isn’t the first time we’ve pulled this move, so he knows exactly what to do. With an ever so subtle nod of his head, he spins around to my side. Clay’s laughter dies as his face reflects complete shock in a matter of mere seconds. It won’t be easy to forget that look. That is curious.

Curiosity didn’t just kill the cat. Tonight, it got me, too. Who the hell is behind me? As the guy’s movements falter, my head turns to look down and meet soulful blue eyes… and not just any blue eyes. These are the blue eyes that taunt my dreams at night. They belong to the boy I had long ago loved and lost without ever having him. Shock causes my eyes to widen as a whisper bursts out of me, “Jayson...”


About the Author

Ever the dreamer, Jacy’s earliest memories of getting in trouble at school was from looking out the window daydreaming instead of doing her work. Fast forward quite a few years (ok, a few decades) and she can still be found staring off into space with flights of whimsy and pictures in her head. (Just an FYI, she is probably not staring at you.) She is also a huge addict to the feeling of falling in love.

For years, she did the “norm”. She married and had two beautiful little girls. After moving from Mississippi to Oklahoma, she started working with corporate design and development and denied the fantasies in her head. After years of work, she is back to delving into those fantasies and hopes you enjoy them put into words.

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