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Calendar Boys

by Logan Zachary

Calendar Boys - Lance Zarimba
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
Pages: 264
Paperback: $ 16.95
ISBN: 978-1602826656
Pages: 264

Over the years, boys grew up sneaking peeks at the Calendar Girls when their fathers brought the family car in for service, while others saw them in Dad's garage working on projects around the house. But now it's man's turn to be the object of desire. Hot young men caught each month, a man a month, who could want anything else?

Calendar Boys celebrates each month with a unique story. January's "Pucking Prince Charming" finds a fairy tale with a happy ending in the hockey rink. While St. Valentine's Day Massacre gangsters help a couple find lost gold and love in "The Grandfather." March Madness comes in like a lamb, but goes out like a lion when a silly bet forces a player into "Taking It For The Team." Zombies come out with April showers in "Jay Of The Dead."

The hot, humid, dog days of summer sees the "Lumber Jack Off," while fall horrors wait at a haunted frat house with a "Halloween Hard On," but the year isn't complete until "Santa's Big Package" arrives. Four special seasons fill out the year, adding extra action and a lot more hot men. You have to love the Calendar Boys, each and every day of the year...

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About the Author

Logan Zachary is a mystery author living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he works as an occupational therapist. He is an avid reader and book collector, and he enjoys movies, concerts, plays, and all the other cultural events that the Twin Cities have to offer.

His stories can be found in Hard Hats, Taken By Force, Boys Caught in the Act, Ride Me Cowboy, Best Gay Erotica 2009, Ultimate Gay Erotica 2009, Surfer Boys, SexTime, Queer Dimensions, Obsessed, College Boys, Teammates, Skater Boys, Boys Getting Ahead, College Boys, Men at Noon, Monster at Midnight, Homo Thugs, Black Fire, Mob Men on the Make, Model Men, Boys of Summer, Spice Boys, Hot Jocks, Afternoon Delights, and Rough Trade.