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gay science fiction thriller

by Toshi Drake

Calamity - Toshi Drake - Starstation
Part of the StarStation series:
Editions:ePub: $ 4.99
Pages: 213

With the planet on the brink of erupting and his memories gone, can Commander Damon Wild find his way back home? 
Commander Damon Wild is not having a good day. Being shot down on a remote planet by the Siwu pirates and then losing his memories is enough to make a good man desperate. When his situation becomes worse—a planetary eruption—Damon knows he must do something. A small scientific outpost at the centre of a caldera offers something he had only dreamt about, hope.
Captain Zaveid L’eau offers Damon a place to recover and space to find himself once more. The attractive captain distracts him from his troubles, and it is enough. Damon can see light at the end of the tunnel and Zaveid is the one lighting the way.
With a volcano on the brink of exploding and pirates constantly nipping at his heels, Damon doesn’t have time for peace.
The pirates are breathing down their necks and a massive eruption destroying everything, Damon must learn to trust Zaveid with his heart and that no matter the circumstances, love will give them the strength to defeat all enemies, including their own self-doubt.
Calamity is the fourth book of the StarStation series, featuring amnesiac heroes, long-suffering captains, and a race against time. Because of the unique circumstances of this book, one does not need to read the previous books, but it is better to get the whole picture.

About the Author

Toshi Drake is a Canadian author who doesn't mind snow that much.

Venturing out into the wild world of book land, Toshi plans on exploring everything that grabs their attention.

Slow burns, friends to lovers, sweet heat and fun characters. Expect the unexpected, especially the Spanish Inquisition.

A die-hard geek, there will always be some sort of pop culture moments as quotes and jokes make the world go 'round. Disney, anime, sci-fi, fantasy are all fair game. I dare you to find all the Easter eggs.