By Chance

by Sasha Kay Riley

By Chance - Sasha Kay Riley
Part of the Anderson Stables series:
Pages: 148

Vincent Anderson has everything he thinks he wants: a job he loves, a girlfriend he feels comfortable with, and a horse that never lets him down. He successfully trains off-track Thoroughbreds at his dad’s stable, teaching them to do things other than race. When he’s not working at the stable, he trains with Xander, a rescued former racehorse turned talented show jumper—not that Vince takes him to many shows.

Everything changes when he hires a homeless drifter as a stable hand. Seeing the young man’s passion for working with horses, Vince takes him under his wing. But his passion for horses isn’t the only thing Vince notices about Dustin. This revelation leads to him to question his relationship with his girlfriend of two years.

As Vince learns to accept himself, he and Dustin grow closer. At the urging of his family, he agrees to try to make the United States Olympic show jumping team with Xander, and he hopes Dustin will travel with him as his groom. But first, Vince must confess his feelings before Dustin decides there’s no hope for romance between them and moves on.

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About the Author

Sasha started writing in junior high, but it wasn't until 2013 that she decided to try publishing when her characters demanded more than a place on her computer's hard drive. I've always loved books, but when I was in grade school I generally refused to read anything that didn't have a horse on the cover. I guess it's no surprise that I ended up writing stories about equestrians. I'm from upstate New York and grew up about a mile from a thoroughbred racetrack. My dad worked there as a stable hand when I was little, and he used to take me to see the horses. That's where my love of horses began. I do have my own horse, who I bought in 2013. He and his pasture mates are always a source of inspiration when I need it. I'm still new to the publishing world, and it makes me ridiculously excited to know that people actually read my books. It's great to finally have a good reason to listen to those voices in my head.

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