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by Charity Parkerson

A sheltered preacher’s son. A ruthless killer. It was obsession at first sight.

Timofey was raised to kill people. He has no conscience. Only his version of a moral code guides him. After rescuing his brother’s new ward, Jordan—a preacher’s son who found himself in a tough spot—Timofey is inexplicably drawn to him. Watching over him began with the best of intentions. He only wanted to keep the boy safe. Then Jordan became an obsession, one Timofey doesn’t know how to shake. He’s never been the least bit sane. In fact, people call him “the Butcher” for a reason. But for once, he wants something pure, and he won’t let anything or anyone stand in his way.

Jordan should stay far, far away from Timofey. He can’t explain why he can’t. Jordan knows exactly what Timofey is capable of doing. He’s witnessed it firsthand. But when Timofey is with Jordan, he’s kind and gentle. Jordan doesn’t have to be scared. Unfortunately, falling in love with a killer isn’t the easy road and he’ll have to fight if he hopes to hang on to someone who could disappear without a trace—like a ghost.

Butcher is the tenth book in Charity Parkerson’s Kings of the East series where assassins, crime lords, and mafia bosses run the world. These books are best when read in order.