Bullying Teacher

Bullying Teacher: The Complete Serial

by Sadie Sins

Bullying Teacher - Sadie Sins
Pages: 192

This book contains all five episodes of Bullying Teacher previously published by Sadie Sins and bonus material never before read, totaling in over 60,000 words of content.

Beau Ashford has again found himself the victim of bullying. Surprising, considering he’s an established teacher now. His pretty face and weak demeanor have made him the target of every aggressive eye that’s turned his way, this time his own students.

Darien Castello—strong, confident and son of a billionaire senator—is willing to protect his pretty teach, but for a price. Either he gets paid $500 a week for his protection services, or he’s going to help make Beau regret starting his science position in the wealthy university. If Beau can’t afford it all, Darien is happy to take it out in trade. $450 worth of his teacher’s body.

What starts as a bizarre protection scam quickly spirals into something else as Darien awakens dark, confusing desires in his once innocent, straight teacher. Can Beau find a way to free himself from the strange obsession taking him, or will he be bullied into something that could lose him his job and life as he knows it?

18+ This completed serial contains explicit m/m sexual content, graphic language, violence, and an exploration of bdsm and a master/slave relationship through the eyes of a controlling top and needy bottom. Expect spanking, bondage, multiple partners and exhibitionism in a school setting.

60,000 wrds, Published May 27, 2016.

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Chapter One

Darien could not take his eyes off of Mr. Ashford. The guy had the face of a model. A really naughty one that wanted so badly to be pushed down and messed up. Damn, he had never really gotten off on just a face, but with his soft blond locks, bright blue eyes, and pouting red lips, Darien was totally hooked on his new teacher. Unfortunately, so were his classmates.

Mr. Ashford looked like prey, plain and simple. He was average height, slender, and had a way to his shoulders and walk that just screamed 'jump me.' Currently Tony and Radford were doing just that, cornering the new science teacher by the lockers, looking about ready to start punching and maybe even stuffing if they didn't get some cash off the cutie.


Darien took his time, dragging on his cigarette as he approached. No one had noticed him yet, which was fine by him. He wanted to take the opportunity to look at Mr. Ashford up close. The guy was hot. Really fucking hot. Pale skin, golden hair, and damn those lips. The nasty things he would do to those lips. Radford better not punch the man's face or he'd have to beat the fuck out of him for ruining perfection.

“What's going on, guys?” Darien asked casually, slinging his arms over Tony and Radford's shoulders. Both boys immediately froze. Darien was top dog for a reason. He was the tallest kid in school, the strongest, and when the mood struck him, the meanest motherfucker there was. Everyone knew. The ones that didn't, figured it fast. Mr. Ashford would be getting that privilege soon enough.

“Fuck, hey Darien,” Tony said hesitantly, glancing sideways at the tall brunette. His eyes fell on Darien's bicep right next to his face, the flesh hard and tattooed, and he swallowed. “We were just having a chat with the new teacher. Nothing to get involved in.”

Eyes travelling over the blushing teacher currently glaring holes at the students as he tried to straighten his rumpled shirt, Darien took his cigarette from his mouth. “Ah, well that's where you're wrong. I happen to have Mr. Ashford for fourth period. And if you're messing him up, well, that's going to mess up my grade. You wouldn't want me to fail, would you?”

Radford immediately took a step back, ducking from Darien's arm. “Right, so I'm getting the fuck out. Sorry 'bout that, Mr. Ashford.”

Darien smirked at the incredulous expression on the teacher's face when Radford apologized. “Um, don't think anything of it,” Mr. Ashford mumbled, straightening his tie.

“What about you, Tony?” Darien asked lowly.

Starting, Tony winced. “Hey, I got the message loud and clear. You wanna be teacher's pet? By all means.” He went to duck away, but Darien grabbed him by the back of the neck, pulling him sideways while the boy hissed.


Glaring, Tony reached into his back pocket, slamming the leather into Darien's hand. Flipping it open, the tall brunette raised his brow at the teacher. “This all of it?”

“Uh, y-yeah.”

Damn, he had amazing eyes. Sexy, wide, glowing blue eyes. Not bothering to look at Tony, Darien shoved the punk aside, listening to him huff away while he studied his new teacher.

“You're Darien Castello?” Mr. Ashford asked quietly, his shaking fingers combing through his shoulder length locks.

“That would be me, teach.” Tilting his head, Darien offered the man a drag on his cigarette. When the teacher shook his head, Darien finished it off, dropping it to the hallway floor and crushing it with his heel.

“You really shouldn't...” Mr. Ashford trailed off, eyes widening as Darien pushed him back, the boy blocking the man in with his taller, stronger form.

“You saw how easy that was for me, right teach? I just showed up and those losers walked away.”

“Y-Yes, I was meaning to thank you.”

Darien smirked. The guy had the cutest fucking stutter too. “You might want to hold off on that.” He opened up the wallet again, pulling out the cash and counting it while Mr. Ashford watched him with growing trepidation. “I'm going to take this... $300, and you're going to bring me another $200 by Friday.”

“I am?” Mr. Ashford asked, his eyes narrowing even as his voice broke.

“It's a good deal.” Cash now free of the wallet, Darien slowly snaked his hand around, finding the teacher's back pocket. Ducking closer, he slowly pushed his hand into the man's pants, watching as Mr. Ashford blushed and refused to meet his eyes. Yeah, the guy was smoking hot. He left the wallet but not before stealing a small squeeze of that tight, firm ass. “You pay me $500 a week, and I'll make sure guys like that don't mess up your pretty face.”

“You're out of your mind—Ah.” Eyes closing as Darien's arm suddenly pressed across his throat, the teacher fell silent, his head forced back against the locker.

“Mr. Ashford, it would be really easy for me to hurt you. And believe me, I wouldn't feel bad about it in the slightest.” Moving his head so that he was pressing his mouth to the man's ear, he added softly. “But if you're a good boy and you do as I say, I'll take care of you. No one will hurt you as long as I'm here to protect you. It's not a free service, teach. If you don't want to pay me in cash, I might be willing to accept a trade.”

Darien slowly pulled a lock of Mr. Ashford's hair aside, letting the silky strands run through his fingers. “I can think of a lot of things a sexy guy like you could do for me, teach.” Pushing a thumb against those damn enticing red lips, he smirked when Mr. Ashford gasped and turned his head away.

“Think about it. Next Friday after school gets out. Your room.” He pulled away, eyes lingering over the man's lithe form. Mr. Ashford's face was flushed with a mix of anger, embarrassment, and shame. It was sexy as hell, and Darien could think of a million ways to make him look like that all the time. Starting with forcing him to his knees.

Fuck, it was the man's own fault for having such a damn sexy face. He might as well be begging for it.

Darien walked away whistling, hands folded behind his head, his teacher leaning weakly on the wall and watching him go.

Chapter Two

This was not the first time Beau Ashford had been bullied. Hell, it seemed to be a constant in his life, starting as far back as preschool when the other kids figured out that his first name meant beautiful. That his face happened to match his name had not helped matters. Beau had thought once he became a teacher and was seen as an authoritative figure, things would change.

They had not. At 35, Beau was still dealing with the idiots of the world that would judge him on something as superficial as his face and appearance.

He had left his last teaching assignment when a group of punks had gone so far as to burn his car. He hadn't been inside it at the time, but it had been enough for him. Maybe he should have just given up on the whole teaching thing after that but he was ridiculously stubborn to a fault and still young into his career. He was determined to help these young, troubled kids get a real future for themselves. Just, preferably, without getting his ass kicked at the same time.

That said, he had never had to deal with someone like Darien Castello.

He only knew Darien by name. The kid had yet to show up to a single class and Beau had been teaching for over two weeks now at the prestigious private university. He wasn't sure just how Darien was able to get away with not attending class, but he suspected it had a lot to do with who the kid's father was. Reginald Castello was a senator. Beau had learned when sending in his attendance sheets and asking if he should be filing a formal reprimand with the office. He was told to ignore it.

There was something terribly ironic about a rich brat trying to get him to pay more than four-fifths of his income for protection from punks just like him. Hell, at his last school he had only had to deal with a beating. He had learned enough to stop carrying cash with him there. For some reason, he had thought the richer students would have been better behaved. Apparently he'd been fooling himself.

A protection scam. He had to hand it to the little bastard—fine, huge mountain of a bastard—the kid was ambitious. At twenty-two, Beau sure hadn't been thinking about blackmailing his teachers and he sure could have used the money a lot more. As for Darien's other threat... trading services... He was pretty sure the kid had just been trying to freak him out.

He wasn't into guys even though he'd had a few through the years that took one look at his pretty face and slim form and assumed he was. Just because he didn't date much... well, at all, didn't mean he was into guys. He just wasn't that sexual a person. He was too busy working and trying not to get his ass kicked.

He had tried to bulk up. He exercised every day, lifted weights—He wasn't as weak as he looked. But even if he had muscle, it was compact and he didn't intimidate anyone. Not when they kept looking at his face. He just wasn't a fighter. And normally he wouldn't think that was a problem. But he really, really, really didn't want to give up on his life's dream because every damn punk thought he could be manipulated just by beating him.

Shit, but he hated his face. If he had been born a girl it would have been an asset. As a guy, it was just a huge target for every aggressive asshole to treat him like shit. He had never had a bad thing to say about how anyone looked. Why the hell did he have to be judged by something so beyond his control?

It was Friday. Beau had been trying to ignore that fact for the entire day, but as the last bell rang it was getting very difficult.

He didn't have the money. Even if he did, he wasn't going to let some teenage rich bitch punk steal his hard-earned yet pitiful salary. He had taken a beaten before, and he was likely going to be taking plenty in the future. Just another shit day having to deal with being born beautiful, brilliant, and also a guy.

Darien didn't keep him waiting. Beau was just filing the rest of his paperwork away for the week when the kid walked in, dressed in jeans and a tight, sleeveless t-shirt. He had a feeling it was to intimidate. Darien's tanned, tattooed arms were ripped, shoulders broad, chest sculpted above rippling abs. It really wasn't fair; Beau would have killed for a body like that. It didn't matter how much he worked out, he just couldn't get buff. He almost wanted to ask the kid what his secret was, but figured now was not the time.

“Hey, teach. How's your week been?” Darien strolled up, pulling a cigarette from behind his ear, his dark hair cut short except his bangs that were spiky and streaked with red dye. With his sharp green eyes and thick dark lashes, Beau had to wonder why the kid was wasting his time tormenting his teacher when he could be off chasing cheerleaders or something. That's what those jock types did, right? Got drunk in the parking lot and screwed the chicks that couldn't stop talking for even five minutes. Beau couldn't stand cheerleaders. The bitches made fun of him more than the jocks, like he was their competition or something.

“Hello, Mr. Castello. I do believe this is the first time you've been in my classroom. Unfortunately, you're hours late.” Refusing to comment on the cigarette being lit when there were probably a million no smoking signs in the building, he turned and began wiping down the whiteboard.

“Sorry, but science bores the fuck out of me.” Darien didn't sound very sorry, his eyes following Mr. Ashford's ass as the man obliviously reached and stretched to wipe the top of the tall board. “I was wondering if anyone's bothered you since our last talk.”

“The one where you threatened to beat me up if I failed to pay you protection money?” Beau snapped bitterly, wiping the last of his writing away furiously. “No, surprisingly no one has bothered me since then. You must be quite terrifying.” He slammed the eraser down on his desk, turning back to the boy.

“You seem upset,” Darien observed blandly, gaze calm and steady as he met his teacher's blazing eyes.

“I'm not paying you anything.”

“Oh?” Exhaling slowly, Darien took another drag of his cigarette. “Were you under the impression that I wouldn't beat the crap out of you? I thought I was very clear on that.”

Pursing his lips, Beau jutted his chin out stubbornly. “I don't know who you think you are, but you can't just go extorting your teachers. It's illegal, for one. Damn rude, too. You're not even out of college and you're already on the way to being a career criminal. If I had my way, you'd be—”

“Right, so I didn't really come here for a lecture, Mr. Ashford,” Darien interrupted smoothly. “You owe me 200 bucks, and I'd much prefer that to you nattering on like some whiny bitch mother.”

Snapping his mouth shut, Beau fumed. The boy was standing taller, flexing his shoulders and looking even bigger. It was hard not to notice, and he swallowed hard as Darien took a step around his desk. “I don't have that kind of money. I'm a teacher. We don't get paid much for the privilege of teaching the next generation of extortionists. I have bills. Rent. I enjoy actually eating once in a while. Next time you try this game, I suggest you consider the income your victim can provide before asking for such a ludicrous amount.”

Eyebrows raising in surprise, Darien gave a small smirk. “I'll take that into advisement, teach.” He took another step, Beau turning his head away as he found the boy suddenly in his personal space, Darien's chest nearly brushing his. “So what can you afford?”

He had actually thought of this. He didn't know why; it wasn't like he could give in to this sort of thing. If one student started this crap, the rest would surely follow. But not only was Darien Castello damn intimidating, he also had a senator for a father, and Beau knew there would be no help for him after learning that fun fact.

“Fifty. It barely leaves me enough for gas to get to school every morning,” he muttered, glancing at the boy, only to quickly look away when he found Darien staring at his mouth.

“Fifty? That's a very different number than what I'm asking for,” he pointed out with a sigh. “But I'd be willing to consider it.”

Beau wasn't expecting that and he met the boy's gaze hesitantly. “Really?” If it only took fifty bucks a week to keep this kid from giving him shit, along with the rest of the damn punks in the school, he might actually take him up on his offer.

When Darien had first showed up the other day, saving him from those assholes, Beau had actually thought the boy a godsend. Nearly a black knight coming to his rescue. Strong and intimidating, the other students had feared the boy. And well, no one had ever stood up for him before. Beau had honestly been grateful until the kid had tried to extort him.

“I'm not unreasonable, Mr. Ashford. I know not everyone is rolling in dough. So what are you going to give me to make up for the other $450 you can't afford?”

Ice chilling his veins, Beau bit his lip. Right. Of course. God, kids were monsters these days. “I think you seem to misunderstand just how little I have,” he said coldly. “I have no assets. I don't own my apartment or car. I live paycheck to paycheck.”

“No, I got that.” Darien crushed his lit cigarette into the palm of his hand and then flicked it into the waste bin. “I was thinking more of services. Teaching is a service, isn't it? You use your expertise to help others learn a topic?”

“I... I guess you could say that,” Beau answered hesitantly. “Did you want me to tutor you?”

Darien chuckled, the blond having only a moment to realize he had definitely misread the situation when fingers wrapped around his chin and he was pulled forward, the boy's lips suddenly an inch from his own. “Mr. Ashford, how much would $450 get me with a guy like you?”

“W-What?” Trying to fight the way his face was heating up, Beau took a step back, only to find his back pressed up against the whiteboard.

“Let's say I took you out on a date,” Darien continued, his free hand coming up to lean against the wall, blocking his teacher's escape on one side. “Someplace nice. Someplace where I could throw down $450. I'd get something back for that, right? I mean, it's just expected, really.”

He didn't know what was more offensive; that the kid thought that dating automatically meant you were buying affection, or that he just assumed he was the type to exchange money for sex. “Mr. Castello, you seem to be confused. I'm not interested in men, and most certainly not my student who is also trying to extort me. And to answer your question, you should not expect anything back. A date is not buying sex. It is not expected, at least, not where I'm from. The very notion is offensive and—”

“Heh, you're really cute when you're angry,” Darien broke in, eyes running down Beau's form, the teacher trailing off warily. “Teach, when you throw down nearly $500 on a guy, you expect him to put out. It's just natural.”

Beau was starting to get very nervous under that hungry stare. Yes, he'd had a few men try to pick him up before, but none of them had put much effort into it. They had all been very shy, intimidated by his beauty. Darien wasn't like that at all. No, he didn't seem very interested in how Beau felt about him or the situation, just as long as he got what he wanted. It made something clench inside him, made him hot, dizzy, and flustered.

“Mr. Castello, what you're suggesting is highly inappropriate, never mind illegal, and immoral,” Beau managed to get out, edging further away from the tall boy.

Darien shrugged unconcernedly, slamming his other hand down so that his teacher was now trapped between his muscular arms. He dipped his head closer, nose pressing to the side of Beau's, lips just brushing against the shorter man's. “I really don't care, teach. I want to fuck you. Hard, rough, until you're screaming my name.”

Blinking, heat rising to his cheeks, Beau tried to turn his head only to have Darien follow, keeping the same uncomfortable closeness. “I'm not into men,” he said, hating how shaky his voice sounded. The kid was nearly on top of him, heat roiling off his tall form, his breath even hotter as it puffed on his cheek. This was very new for him. He'd had plenty of men threaten to hurt him. None of them had seemed into doing it while also wanting to fuck him.

“I told you; I don't care.” Eyes sliding up the blond's face for a moment, Darien flicked his tongue out, running it over his teacher's upper lip.

Beau froze, his breath hitching, eyes wide from the hot, wet touch. Something shivered through him he didn't want to identify, only growing stronger as that tongue moved down, lapping his mouth, teasing slowly against the seam of his lips. “S-Stop,” he whispered, groaning when Darien's large hand cupped his jaw roughly and held his face in place so he could press their lips together.

It was hard, hungry, and like no kiss Beau had ever experienced before. Darien wrapped his fingers into his long hair, pulling demandingly, forcing his head back and lips open. Tongue shoving deep into his mouth, the boy used his larger body to pin his teacher tight against the wall, grinding his hips against the shorter man.

“Oh, hell,” Beau gasped into the kiss, groaning when he felt what could only be Darien's hard cock rubbing against his hip. It was big, so hot and demanding, and for the first time he allowed himself to wonder just what it would feel like to touch another man's dick. He shouldn't. He really wasn't like that...

Grunting, Darien pulled Beau's hair harder, forcing the whimpering man to bend his neck further back in his strong hold. He crushed their lips together again, plunging his tongue against Beau's, exploring his mouth heatedly while suffocating the slender man. He rubbed unceasingly over Beau's tongue, stealing his breath, grinding against him so hard, so hot, his teacher's knees started to waver and he began sliding down the wall with a moan.

“That's it, teach,” Darien taunted lowly, wrapping an arm around the man's waist and pulling him back up, then higher until he was crushing Beau back against the board on tiptoes and sucking and biting down his long, pale throat. “Fuck, you're one tight piece of ass.” He pushed his knee between the blond's thighs, groaning when he found a responding hardness pushing into his leg. “Yeah, that's fucking it, gorgeous.”

Darien's leg pushing him further up the wall, Beau could only gasp for air, his eyes half closed, moans escaping him with every grind of the boy's thigh against his rock hard cock. Fuck, what was happening to him? He shouldn't... shouldn't like this. Not with a man. Not with a stupid, arrogant punk that thought he could just bully him into anything.

Beau raised his arms, meaning to push the boy away, to show that even if his body was responding, it didn't mean he wanted it. But once his fingers found Darien's hard biceps, he could only grasp onto them weakly, feeling the strong, hot flesh beneath his palms as his ass was grabbed and squeezed hard.

“God... Oh, god,” Beau moaned, his head falling back heavily against the wall. Darien gave a final nip to the side of his neck, moving back up to claim his mouth forcefully. Beau didn't resist, his lips parting readily, body arching into the strong one moving against him, holding him close, pushing him down against the wall.

“W-Wait,” he whispered shakily, Darien swallowing his protest the moment it was free. The boy's large hand continued to work on his belt, quickly pulling the buckle open and tearing his button and fly to his slacks down. Blushing crimson, Beau could only moan, his voice cracking when Darien boldly reached into his underwear and wrapped his fingers around his aching cock.

“Mr. Ashford, I think you might be interested after all,” Darien whispered against his lips, his grip tightening as he held Beau's dick in the palm of his hand, feeling it pulse.

Forcing his eyes open, he found the boy staring at him, green eyes blazing fire and sex. He wanted to deny it, wanted to tell the boy to get the fuck off him and never touch him again. Instead his hips jolted forward, his body pushing against his student's hard muscles as another moan escaped him.

“That's it... Fuck, you look damn slutty with your dick in my hand.” Darien gave the blond’s shaft a single stroke, then withdrew his hand reluctantly. “I'm going to give you a week, teach. A week to decide if you want to give me the proper fee for my protection... Or if you want to spread those fucking tight cheeks of yours and let me fuck you.”

Head spinning, trying to figure out where the hot hand had gone and soon after the hard, hot body, Beau found himself sliding down the wall without Darien to hold him upright. He looked around blearily, panting heavily, head thrown back as he found the boy watching him from his desk while lighting up another cigarette.

Once Darien's eyes fell on him, Beau couldn't look away. He wet his lips, breathing heavily, hating that his body wanted the boy to come back, to finish what he had started. He was aching. He had never ached like this before. It was maddening, confusing, and he needed release. His breath caught when Darien slowly stepped back his way, the boy's eyes roaming over him like a predator sizing up a kill.

Staring him in the eye, Darien pressed two of his fingers to Beau's lips, pushing the long digits into his teacher's mouth. Eyebrows furrowed, Beau groaned, his lips spreading, feeling every push and pull as the boy began to fuck his mouth with his fingers in rough thrusts, dragging over his tongue, pressing deep down his throat. Darien hooked his digits into the man's cheek, pulling hard enough for Beau to turn his head, then pulled him back to face him again.

“Pick the second option, teach. I have a strong feeling you're going to like riding my cock,” Darien said with a growl, his thumb squeezing Beau's lower lip and tugging. He pulled his fingers from between his teacher's swollen lips, drawing a line of saliva down his chin and long, pale throat. “Even if you don't like it, you're going to look so fucking hot with a dick up your ass, I'm sure it'll make up for it.”

Groaning when a hand wrapped around his neck, Beau didn't answer, just stared up into the boy's heated gaze as his head was forced back in the firm grip.

“I have a previous engagement, teach. Otherwise I'd stay and see just how loud you scream when you come... Yeah, you're definitely a screamer. Maybe even a crier, which is just sexy as fuck. Make sure you're thinking of me when you jerk off.” Darien released his neck with a dark smile, turning and heading for the door.

Eyes closing as the boy shut the door behind him, Beau let out a low moan. Fuck... Holy fuck.

He was only twenty-two. His student. His extortionist, assholic student. He couldn't.

God, he really, really couldn't.

So why the fuck was he thinking about it?

Whimpering, Beau hesitantly ran his hand up his hip, fingers pushing slowly under the band of his underwear. Don't... Anyone could walk in. He was in school. In a classroom in his damn school. Don't think of him...

But he couldn't stop. It was all he could think about; Darien's strong hands, those damn muscles he had thought he wanted for himself but now he was pretty sure he just wanted to move against him, that fucking tongue of his, so demanding, so forceful and possessive. He couldn't. A senator's son. His student. It would be a huge scandal—Fucking his gay student. God, he wanted to. So bad. He had never wanted anything like this.

Licking his palm, Beau wrapped it around his dick, biting his lip to stop his groans as he began to stroke firmly. No one had ever touched him that way before. He threw his head back, gasping, mouth tingling still from the feel of Darien's rough kisses. God, he could nearly feel it, the hard heat of his tongue, his cruel grip holding his hair, his strong body forcing him back, suffocating him and taking everything he wanted from him.

His gliding hand began to lose rhythm, Beau panting desperately, head rolling back and forth on the wall as he rocked his hips up. He came with a muffled shout, holding his free hand over his mouth as Darien's eyes flashed in his mind.


Oh fuck, he was in trouble here.

Looking down slowly, Beau stared at the pearly white cum stringing over his fingers. He hesitantly raised his hand up, tongue tentatively tasting his seed. Would Darien's taste the same? Eyes closing, he pushed two fingers into his mouth, imitating what the boy had done to him only minutes ago, except this time with his cum coating his fingers and dripping tangy into his mouth.

Fuck, he was in serious trouble.

Reviews:Mitya on Goodreads wrote:

Excellent, filthy smut read with surprisingly sweet, cute touches. A+ erotica

Theresa on Goodreads wrote:

Really good humiliation smut. Awesome DP scene. Syrupy sweet ending.

J on Goodreads wrote:

It'll get you there. Torn - do I want more character development or well, I enjoyed the scenes.

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