Brick’s Geeks

by R. Cayden

Brick's Geeks - R. Cayden - Rebels and Nerds
Part of the Rebels and Nerds series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD

He’s a man who knows how to fight, but what has that brought Brick Lochlann?

Beaten, broke, and running from his past, he arrives in Seattle, ready to start a new life.

Ready for almost anything, but not for Irving and Ezra.




Ezra looks like an angel. That’s the first problem.

When he comes by the bar where I’m working, my mind starts firing with desires that scare me.

Someone has been vandalizing the comic book store where he works down the street, and Ezra thinks I should keep an eye on the place.

Careful what you wish for.


Ezra gets me worked up, and when this geeky guy Irving comes into the bar to catch some washed up punk band, I just can’t help myself.

He’s gorgeous, with lips that drive me wild and a cute submissive vibe.

And when I turn on my charm, Irving unravels in my hands.


That’s the real problem, though.

Everything I touch falls apart.

And every man I care about is left hurt and reeling.


I’m not going down that path again. I’m not going to make Ezra and Irving live through that pain.

Because I might be running from my past, but my past is running just as fast to keep up with me.


And I might be ready to throw a fist and take a punch, but I know I can’t fight hard enough to keep them safe.

I know that the second I admit my true feelings, they’ll be the ones to pay the price.


Brick’s Geeks is an MMM romance, and the first novel in the Rebels and Nerds series. It is an 80K novel with an HEA for all three characters, featuring spanking, ropes, and a spicy heat level. Enjoy!

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About the Author

R. Cayden is the pen name of an MM and MMM romance author living in the Midwest. His work features characters learning about love, life, and sex through unconventional relationships. He is an avid reader, and loves stories with as much heat as heart, and plenty of surprises.

When not writing and reading, R. Cayden enjoys hiking, playing pool, and a sunny day at the lake.

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