by Jaylen Florian

Bravado - Jaylen Florian
Part of the Unexpected Attraction series:
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Pages: 42,000

In a clash of masculine energy, two cunning men bump heads while furthering their surging careers.

But not everything in their complicated lives can be controlled, least of all their hearts and desires...

Rodney, a sculpture artist brimming with raw talent, is on the cusp of fame. Hidden from public eye, however, are creative and financial challenges, and the burdens of an enigmatic artistic persona.

Marshall is good at uncovering the truth. He's a reporter and columnist who suspects the artist is a phony, and thereby a danger to the integrity of the fine arts so plagued with fraud.

Truth battles illusion, creativity yearns for expression, and it all comes down to two questions:

How far must a man go to stop an opponent who threatens everything?

When lurched together, can adversaries become real lovers?

"Bravado" is a slow burn enemies-to-lovers male romance with a sizzling finale.

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About the Author

Jaylen Florian writes gay fiction, including romance, mystery, comedy, and sports.

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