Boots, Dogs, and the Sea

by Emery C. Walters

Boots, Dogs and the Sea - Emery C. Walters
Editions:Paperback - Second: $ 11.45
ISBN: 978-1517091606
Size: 5.00 x 8.00 in
Pages: 274

In the recent past, "It gets better" has hopefully had a healing effect on the world's LGBT youth. Yet there is much left to do to bring full equality to all. No one chooses to be gay. No one chooses to be transgendered. Yet some church leaders, politicians, and ordinary people have been taught to hate, to bully, and to deny the equality or even the humanity of our precious brothers, sisters, and children.
Boots, Dogs, and the Sea is filled with gentle, humorous, poignant stories of youth for whom it did get better along with a few stories or accounts of those who didn't make it. Uplifting, funny, and thought provoking, Emery Walters' seventh book will send you looking for his nine other print books and his rapidly growing offering of ebooks. What will his next story entail?

Publisher: Independently Published
Cover Artists:
Pairings: MF, MM
Heat Level: 2
Romantic Content: 3
Ending: Click here to reveal
Character Identities: Gay, Lesbian, Transgender
Protagonist 1 Age: Under 18
Protagonist 2 Age: 18-25
Protagonist 3 Age: Ageless/Immortal
Tropes: Coming of Age, Coming Out / Closeted, Hurt / Comfort, Pretend Boyfriend / Girlfriend
Word Count: 71786
Setting: USA
Languages Available: English


Still laughing, he felt himself tripping as he entered an open area, a glade, tripping over nothing. Falling, laughing, and then someone falling on top of him, laughing, yelling, “Oh shit!” Turning onto his back, catching the person on top of him, trying to keep him from knocking his head on the ground, trying to keep the other from hurting himself, seeing a face come at his, feeling a rough cheek scrape his own, seeing blond hair coming at him, blue eyes, hearing laughter, his, and the other guy’s as well.

Landing hard, leaves flying up around them, legs and arms and bodies banging together, sprawling, the ground giving softly beneath him, except for a small branch or a rock or oh… right in the back… his rib! “Ow! Fuck me!” Was that him? He never swore like that!


A guy’s voice, laughing in his ear, his breath a rush of warmth, “No! Can’t fuck you right now! Out of breath! Maybe later!” More laughter. Arms on his, hands on his shoulders, and – lips on his… Oh God… his eyes closing, his heart pounding, the lips testing, his own opening, tasting and testing back; he didn’t dare open his eyes.

Stillness; a voice, deep, like his own. “I’ve been wanting to do that forever but never had the guts, and now – if it’s not what you want, I’ll just say it was an accident and you misinterpreted it, and I’ll run away and…” blue eyes piercing his and darting away, then back.

But Lin found his arms were going around the other boy, holding him close, their hearts now beating as one. Oh God, he had never known he’d been hungry for this, or maybe he never had been, but it was food, and he was starving He didn’t know he didn’t know, and he didn’t care.

A flurry of leaves over their heads, a girl’s voice now, “You guys! Get a room! Come on, we have to go!”

Lin opened his eyes. Cory, that’s his name, he realized. Cory. Cory was still smooching on him. He hated to interrupt. Oh shit. I’m gay. Fuck me. Yeah, I guess I already knew. Well, fuck. Can’t hide it from myself any longer I guess… Not with my dick pressing against Cory’s like this. My closet door just burst open with a bang!

We managed to untangle ourselves somehow, got to our feet, brushed leaves off our jeans, and got whopped upside the head at the same time. “For God’s sake, can we go now? Are you two ladies done prettying yourselves up yet?”

Cory popped a dimple and asked, “Do you hear something? Something annoying like a mosquito – Ow! Max, ow!” And Max too, for that matter, she was funny and cute and apparently it didn’t bother her at all that two boys had just kissed each other in her presence. But then this was a strange day all around, wasn’t it? A day of changes and discoveries and Making Things Happen!


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Originally published by Bechavn.

About the Author

Emery C. Walters was born Carol Forde, a name he soon knew didn’t fit the boy inside. Transition was unknown back then; so he married and then bore and raised four children, mostly on his own. When his youngest child, his gay son, left the nest, Emery told Carol that she had to step aside, and he fully transitioned from female to male in 2001.

Emery worked in county government and as a college writing tutor before retiring and becoming a gentleman author. He and his wife Robyn, herself raised mistakenly as a boy, live on Maui where they combine snorkeling, scuba diving, and volunteer work with activities to boost LGBT rights and awareness.

Interested in the martial art of Ninjutsu, land and underwater photography, and writing, Emery can most often be found writing, reading, or sailing on his imaginary pirate ship.

Emery’s 2010 first novel, 'Last Year's Leaves' is an intense story of recovery from abuse, finding love, living through loss, and coming out whole. For all the intensity, the book is laced with his trademark humor. His recent publications include six other, less intense coming of age novels involving coming out and overcoming obstacles as well as two books of short stories, a collection of six novellas, a completely straight kids’ book, and about thirty eBooks and anthology stories. All are immensely humorous and filled with hope. Drystan the Dire, Emery’s Welsh pirate ancestor, shows up in his stories from time to time to help out and to annoy the bad guys.

Between them, the Walters have eight adult children, umpteen grandchildren, and three never-seen great grandchildren, none of whom can do a thing about the genetic material handed down to them - their gift to the future. So there.