Billion Dollar Bet

Maple Springs - Book 1

by Spencer Spears

What would you bet for a chance at true love?

Hopeless romantic Kian Bellevue can’t help falling for the wrong guys. Maybe it’s because he lost his parents so young, maybe it’s just his caring nature, but he can’t stop diving in when he should be heading for the hills. And just when he decides to swear off guys for the summer, he meets drop-dead gorgeous Jack Thorsen, who might just be the man of his dreams.

It’s not fair, because Kian doesn’t even have time for guys right now. His hometown of Maple Springs, Minnesota is considering selling miles of pristine wilderness to a Wall Street billionaire who wants to open a resort and play at being a hotelier. But Kian’s spent his whole life fighting against big businesses and he’s ready to go toe-to-toe with the mystery mogul - until he realizes that the billionaire is Jack himself.

“So what’s your flaw? Why are you still single?”
“Well, for starters, I always fall for jerks.”

“Should I be relieved, then, that you don’t want to go out with me?”
“The problem is, Jack, I think you’re exactly my type.”

Billionaire Jack Thorsen is married to his work and likes it that way. Growing up in foster care taught him to look out for himself and since the day he left for college, he’s never stopped striving. Despite his best friend’s urging, he’s not looking for a guy. Even after he meets sweet and sexy Kian Bellevue, he’s still determined to keep his guard up. People can’t hurt you if you never let them close.

But it’s not like Jack doesn’t have a heart. When he finds out that Maple Springs, the home he left behind, is on the brink of bankruptcy, he proposes to buy their unused public lands and create an eco-resort. It’s an obvious win-win - who could oppose it? That is, who, other than Kian, the guy he can’t get out of his head.

“Are you sure this is a good idea? Things with us are complicated.”
“So is life. But you make me feel good. And I need that tonight.”

Jack needs Kian on his side if he wants the town to vote in favor of his resort and he’s not afraid to play dirty. His proposition: Kian spends the summer with him. If Jack convinces Kian to support him, Kian will get the town on Jack’s side. But if he fails, Jack will withdraw the proposal completely. It’s a crazy bet, but Kian would be crazy to turn it down - right?

There’s only one problem. Jack - tall, handsome, and emotionally unavailable - is exactly Kian’s type. And Kian is surprisingly good at breaking down the barriers Jack spent years putting up. With their hearts on the line as well as a hotel, will both men risk it all for a chance at love?

Billion Dollar Bet is Book 1 in the Maple Springs series. While each book focuses on different characters and can be read on its own, they're even more fun to read together. Billion Dollar Bet is a 55,000 word m/m romance novel with sizzling summer heat. No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed HEA.

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About the Author

Spencer Spears wants to make you cry--and then make you smile so hard at an ending so happy you forget why you've got tears rolling down your cheeks. Spencer writes LGBTQ stories that are snarky, sweet, and break your heart in all the best ways, and believes that everyone deserves to have their love story told.

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