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Benji and the Wireman

by Charlie Winters

Benji and the Wireman
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99 USD
ISBN: 9781704238142
Pages: 208

Everything changes on the first day that Ben Watts arrives in Indian Harbour.

Relocating to a new city means a fresh start. A new life. A chance for him to spend more time with his favorite person in the world, his eighty-eight year-old grandmother, Oma Anna.

It also means a new place to live—a little pink bungalow complete with a pool out back.

No more humdrum Kansas. No more lackluster relationships.


And everything seems to be going pretty well… until it isn’t.


A little kitchen wire misfire leads angel-faced Ben straight into the arms of uber-masculine electrician, Jesse Solomon, his polar opposite in every way. For Ben, Jesse is straight out of his favorite kind of fantasy… rugged, hot, and virile… and inaccessible.


Or is he?


Jesse has never been that attracted to guys like Ben, but can’t seem to stay away from the effervescent man, and starts to develop some fantasies of his own.

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About the Author

Writer of gay fiction.  Silver RCA winner of Best Debut Author in 2015 for introductory novel "Fin & Matt" on the Sinfully Sexy blog.  The same novel was listed in the Washington Blade's "Top Ten Summer Reads" in gay romance.

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