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Being Neighborly

by April Kelley

Being Neighborly - April Kelley
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
ISBN: 9781310598326
Pages: 58

Isaac’s life changed forever the day he meets his two sexy neighbors.

From the first day Isaac Gaines came out of the closet, he had been on his own. He thought he did a good job, over the years, getting through the hurt his family had caused him. So what if he never actually dated or formed lasting relationships. One phone call makes him realize some hurts leave lasting scars.

Adam and Tanner Murray have a great relationship, one built on love and trust. Their quiet farmer’s lives get turned upside down when Isaac comes to town. The question isn’t whether they want him in their lives. The question is whether Isaac will let them into his.

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Tanner walked right up to him and drew him into his arms. Isaac’s face pressed against his shirt. Isaac lifted away just enough so he didn’t get blood on Tanner’s shirt. “It’ll be okay, baby. They’re gone. You did good calling us to help you.”

“I didn’t call you to help save me from my father,” Isaac said.

Tanner drew him back just enough to look at his face. “So you were going to stand there and let him beat the shit out of you.”

Isaac looked away, not making eye contact, and nodded.

“Jesus, Isaac. Why?”

Isaac looked up at him then, and he felt a resolve come over him. “I won’t give that man the satisfaction. He won’t ever know exactly how much he hurt me all those years ago.”


“I’m not talking about retaliation. I’m talking about self-defense.”

Isaac shrugged. “Same thing.”

“No, it’s not. You have a right to defend yourself, baby.”

Isaac shrugged.

“Promise me you'll never be without a phone. I don’t trust that man not to come back. He may do worse next time. You need to be able to call us or the police.”

Tanner ran a thumb over Isaac’s cheek, avoiding the cut and bruise that was right above where he touched. Tanner studied his face for long minutes. He leaned down and Isaac was sure he was going to go in for a kiss when Adam came into the room. Adam stopped just inside the room and looked startled for a second. He recovered quickly and put the first-aid kit on the center island.

Isaac took a step away from Tanner. “I’m sorry,” he said to both of them, not looking at either of them. “I think you both should go. I can take care of yourself.”

“Accept the fact that neither one of us is going anywhere, anytime soon,” Adam said and walked over to him with a wet washcloth. “Now, hop up on the counter and let me clean your cuts.”


About the Author

April Kelley is an author of LGBT Romance. Her works include The Journey of Jimini Renn, which was a Rainbow Awards finalist, Whispers of Home, the Saint Lakes series, and over thirty more. She is a main contributor for Once & Books. If you'd like to become a patron sign up here: