Because of the Rain

by A.R. Moler

Book Cover: Because of the Rain
Pages: 58

Thad Blanchard is an up and coming actor. Bisexual but not out, Thad's at loose ends after finishing a movie. At a party, he stumbles into art gallery owner, Devon Bryant, and an attraction flares between them. What seems likely to be a casual hook-up at first, begins to show signs of something more. But there are a lot of roadblocks in the way, manipulative co-workers, Thad's career, travel and work. Thad's newest role is turning into a health nightmare. With Devon out of the country again, there's no one to notice.

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About the Author

A.R. Moler is a chemistry professor at a community college, a homeschooling mom and an avid science fiction fan. She is a devotee of first hand research for her writing whenever possible and to this end has - learned to fire a handgun, been rappelling, ridden with both EMS and the police, flown a helicopter, bought a motorcycle and learned to ride it. She has traveled to nearly all the places where her stories are set and taken hundreds of photos for documentation. She has been writing since her high school years.