Beautifully Explosive

by Charity Parkerson

Kit is a little damaged. Matthew is a lot crazy. Together, they’re an explosion waiting to happen.

What would you do if your biggest celebrity crush walked into your life? Matthew has been living this hypothetical question for the past year. There’s no other man on the planet that has been a bigger part of Matthew’s alone time than Kit Youngblood. Kit is an actor and has posed nude for several adult magazines. Matthew would kill to have one night with Kit. Unfortunately, Kit is nowhere near as easy to catch as Matthew hopes.

Kit doesn’t want anyone. It isn’t personal. Kit came from a nightmarish background to carve a place for himself in the world. That doesn’t mean he’s well-adjusted. He’s merely surviving the best he can. Matthew is the only person who’s made Kit consider taking a chance on a relationship. He just needs a little push to get him moving.

Two men with a boatload of issues and secrets will face off in a battle of the hearts. Only time will tell which of their pasts will break them first. Or just maybe they’re exactly what the other needs.

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