Aztec Alphas The Prophecy part two

Aztec Alphas The Prophecy part two


The Aztec Alphas - F.R. D'Angelo - The Prophecy
Part of the Aztec Alphas series:
  • Aztec Alphas The Prophecy part two
Editions:Kindle - First Edition: £ 3.99 GBP
Pages: 204

Azkin, by mating Zain, has activated the first part of the prophecy. Azkin accepts who he is, the Aztec wolf now learning to wield the magic bestowed upon him by the other world. The gift to give life and to take it away— will this prove too much for him?

Zain, now the Aztec wolf protector through his mating with Azkin, also carries the Aztec wolf gene. While the sex is hot, they are newly mated, and the Aztecs have no time to celebrate. They’re on a timeline and must take down the Theta Pack in order to bring mates to their Omegas, by building a pack worthy of the Aztec name.

Azkin believes he is the weakest link. Can Zain convince him, his strength comes in other ways?

With the first rescue of the Beta Omegas, the next section of the Prophecy must be activated in order to keep Azkin's parents with him. Azkin must take down the Theta pack, kill their alpha, and send him to the Aztec prisons in the other world.

Meanwhile, the Alpha Protection Squad has found their home with the Aztec pack. With the ancestors on their side, the protectors must try to navigate the Aztec wolf through the next stage of the rescues while trying to keep him alive long enough to liberate the Theta pack.

Dante believes he is untouchable as he doesn’t believe in the prophecies told around the campfire as a pup. The Alpha of the Theta pack has ruled with an iron fist for many years. Killing Theta born alphas, selling Omegas, starving his pack, and treating them not as the noble shifters they are, but imprisoning many.

Will this be his undoing as he finally goes head to head with the Aztec wolf and the Alpha protection squad?

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Jax could see there was no movement in or around the Jeeps. He could also see there was a driver in each vehicle. Not knowing which one McGuire was in, if any, and neither side moving, the protectors had surrounded the streets and cut off points in or out, leaving the ground crew for their jobs. No one was going to walk away from this if it went wrong. Jax moved slowly to move away from the bakery.

Jax was grabbed from behind as a bullet zinged past where he had been standing. He was pulled roughly into the alleyway between the bakery and the jeweler store, by one of the ground crew. He didn’t recognize him at first, then Sonny pulled down his face protection and whispered, “Careful, boss. Stay here.” He retreated, leaving a panting Jax against the wall.

About the Author

Born in Birmingham, United Kingdom, I live in Northern Ireland. And I write fiction,
I love to channel the characters who waltz into my mind and refuse to leave, until I write their story.
The magic of the other world is in the books I write, it's not forced it just is. We all need a little magic in our lives.
I am often found with my head a book, or earphones on as I listen to a book, or I am writing.
The biggest challenge so far has been the dyslexia. I have a set routine, and many do not run on the same. It's been frustrating for the most part. Though lots of Coffee seems to help, though the animals in my life ground me.
I love to listen to or read about science of the universe, and other worlds. I also have a list as long as my arm of characters who want to me to write their story.
My passion lies with the paranormal of our world, I also love Sci-fi.
I love to show my dogs, it gives me something to do outside of sitting in front of the pc, and I have 3 homebred boxers of my own.

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