Autumn on Mars

The 4 Seasons Cycle

by SMA

Autumn on Mars - SMA - Four Seasons Cycle
Part of the The 4 Seasons Cycle series:
  • Autumn on Mars
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ISBN: B081Z6G54D
Pages: 173

Tripp doesn't know who he is, how he got here, or why this gorgeous man with dark eyes is the only familiar thing in sight.

But he does know this:

It's Autumntide on Mars and love is in the air!


—Embrace the wonders of Fall in this dreamy and evocative MM seasonal romance—
Louisa May Alcott meets the science fantasy of Ray Bradbury!

Tripp is a young employee of the Division, corporate authority in the Crater region. Reserved and sardonic, he's inexplicably drawn to Dolan—a goofy, enthusiastic romantic with a body made to remember.

But it's not just strong arms pulling Tripp toward this onyx-eyed man. Both colleagues are victims of amnesia caused by their recent interplanetary re-assignment. Though they don't even recognize themselves, they're driven by intense chemistry that feels too familiar to be coincidence ...

With work suspended for the month-long Autumntide festival, can Tripp let his walls down and learn to love—even when he's a stranger in his own head?

Experience the festivities as two lost souls find each other—again—under the ochre skies of Autumn on Mars.

The 4 Seasons Cycle

Four seasons. Four worlds. Four loves.

Join Tripp and Dolan as they walk the Annularity, rising each season on a new planet, in a new settlement, with no memory of their past.

But true love creates its own future.

Celebrate every major holiday of the year—and experience the magic in our own solar system—as Tripp discovers the endless bounds of a relationship so strong it transcends the stars!

They have been here before. They will be here again...

Autumn on Mars
Winter on Pluto
Spring on Titan
Summer on Europa


-Harvest fête-
Bob for diamond apples
Pie throwing
Compete in the Annular Waltz!

Brave the spooky night, but watch out for the wraiths of Mars That Was!
Visit the homes of friends and neighbors to get treats, but make sure to wear a costume!

Ride the floating wagons among fields of spicestalk
Hunt the maze for amethyst corn gemstones!

-Apple picking-
Harvest delicious diamond apples
Visit the orchard master for cider and donuts!

-Campfire evenings-
Bask in the glow of the Shimmer Pines with your own campfire
Make sure to bring spiced vanilla to warm by the coals!

-Gratitude feast-
Give thanks to the Annularity with the climactic cornucopia dinner, courtesy of the corporation

Lovers adrift in spacetime ...

A surreal, atmospheric sci-fi fantasy romance quadrilogy—something for lovers of any season! Or all of them!

Rapid release through spring 2020, pre-orders coming soon!

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