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August Nights

by Nellie Christine

August Nights - Nellie Christine
Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99 USD
ISBN: 1370452446
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 149

Things don’t usually go well for Julian Waters. Although he’s a football player at USC, he barely gets any time of the field. He may have a sweet apartment near campus, but he’s embarrassingly behind on rent. It doesn’t help knowing that his parents are struggling back in Pittsburgh to pay for his tuition. Places aren’t looking to hire a student with limited availability, but Julian’s roommate doesn’t care for the excuses. He gets that he needs to pay his fair share, but the constant reminder of how he’s not contributing isn’t helping – it’s driving him insane.

The only constant in his life seems to be Alice, but she’s strictly in it for the sex, wanting no emotional involvement whatsoever. It may sound nice on paper, but Julian isn’t entirely opposed to having a friend in all of this.

When he stumbles across a modeling casting call online, Julian’s eyes go wide at the $1,000 per gig payoff – that is until he realizes just what type of ‘male modeling’ he’d be doing. Gay porn is out of the question for Julian. First off, he’s straight, and second, there’s no amount of money anyone could pay him to have sex with someone on camera, no matter the gender.

Then again, they are paying a thousand dollars a video... How hard could it be? Maybe an audition could change his mind.

About the Author

Nellie Christine is an Indie author living in Brooklyn, NY. After falling in love with writing in her early twenties, Nellie took the jump into the Romance Fiction genre in 2016. Her debut novel, Something Real, represents her writing style to a T - humor, growth, and of course, as much naughty as there is nice.

When Nellie isn't writing, she's busy at her 9-5, or pursuing a Childhood Education - Special Education & Bilingual degree. In her free time, Nellie enjoys spending time with her family in Philadelphia, PA, enjoying a sporting event, or finding a new fictional character to become obsessed with!

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