Demon Elite

by April Kelley

Ashley - April Kelley - Demon Elite
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99 USD
ISBN: 1487408447
Pages: 111

Saving Iain means finding a small bit of redemption, but what Ash gets instead is so much more.
Ashley Wilkins has done some bad things, torturing people until they give him the information he wants, but all that was in his past. Making amends for all those wrongdoings will never happen. He knows that, but that doesn’t stop him from trying, which is why he takes a break from interrogation to save Iain Liron’s life. Iain is a recovering drug addict who understands all too well what finding forgiveness means. Can he make Ash see that he’s more than just his past sins?

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Before Iain could answer, Ash came through the door, followed by an entire army of people. Or it seemed like an army. Ash stopped in the middle of the room and looked at Raven before turning around in a slow circle, clearly looking for Iain. When his focus finally landed on him, a small smile touched his lips, and that hard edge in his eyes disappeared.

Iain tried to keep his expression neutral and failed completely.

Ash walked across the room and knelt down in front of Iain. “How are you feeling?”


He had imagined this conversation in his mind, and in it, he refused to give Ash the time of day, ignoring him. In his mind, he even told himself he’d flirt with one of the other guys that had sat with him at the hospital providing him with protection. All of his plans went right out of his head when his hurt feelings bubbled in his gut. “Why do you care?”

“Are you asking me, or telling me I should?”

“Neither. Both.” Iain thought about that for a moment. “The last one, because you’re supposed to be my hero. A hero sees it through, Ash.”

“Are you in pain?”

“Duh. I had my damn guts turned to hamburger. Yeah, I’m in a little pain.”

“So you’re a little bitchy then.”

“Oh my god, you better step away from me slowly.”

Ash grinned and leaned into him. “I’m sorry for hurting your feelings. I stayed away because I figured you’d lie about being in pain unless I pissed you off first,” he whispered. He stood up and looked around at everyone. “I’m taking him upstairs. Putting him in the room across from mine.”


About the Author

April Kelley is an author of LGBT Romance. Her works include The Journey of Jimini Renn, which was a Rainbow Awards finalist, Whispers of Home, the Saint Lakes series, and over thirty more.

Living in Southwest Michigan, April resides with her husband and two kids. She has been an avid reader for several years. Ever since she wrote her first story at the age of ten, the characters in her head still won't stop telling their stories. If April isn't reading or writing, she can be found outside playing with the animals or taking a long walk in the woods.