Dominion Series

by Lissa Kasey

Even Seiran’s power can’t defeat death, or can it?

After inheriting his late father’s mansion across the country, Seiran decides it’s the perfect opportunity to escape the tension of graduation, his lover’s new apprentice, and the expectations of being one of the most powerful witches in the world. Except the house is full of secrets, not just about Seiran’s past, but the entire world of witchcraft.

Seiran discovers an entire legion of witches with stolen magic crafting evil to gain more power, and a single vampire focus, much like himself, at the center of it all. Will Seiran find a way to break the circle of corruption that wraps the world in blood magic, or will he, and everything he loves, die trying?

This MM romance, dark urban fantasy, featuring a male witch, a vampire lover, fairies with the annoying habit of stealing food, timeless love, and a transformation of legend.

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About the Author

Lissa Kasey is more than just romance. Her specialty is in-depth characters, detailed world building, and twisting plots to keep you clinging to your book reader. All stories have a side of romance, emotionally messed up protagonists and feature LGBTQA+ spectrum characters facing real world problems no matter how fictional the story.

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