An Omega Kind of Love

An Mpreg Romance

by Sarah Havan

An Omega Kind of Love - Sarah Havan
Part of the Pine Wood Falls series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 246

After Skyler Hanson’s professor impregnates him and kicks him to the curb, and after his family banishes him, he ends up at Pine Wood Falls. All alone and uncertain about where his life is heading, he’s taken in with open arms. All the other omegas help put some of his concerns at ease, especially his new friend Lucas.

What starts as a friendship soon blossoms into cuddling and wearing lingerie together, which moves onto many nights of passionate sex. But they have never heard of an omega pairing before and are scared of the consequences of their relationship, so they decide to keep it secret.

Along with his belly, Skyler’s worry about getting thrown out of Pine Wood Falls grows while rumors about Lucas and him begin to float around. Soon, things start to get a bit tense between them, and their relationship might not make it out alive.

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About the Author

Sarah Havan’s writing professor once tried to convince her to change her major to fiction writing. She didn’t listen and ended up getting a degree in stuff. Many years later, she realized she needed to do what she truly loved most, writing. Her fingers haven’t left the keyboard since.

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