An Extra Alpha

An Mpreg Romance

by Sarah Havan

An Extra Alpha - Sarah Haven - Pine Wood Falls
Part of the Pine Wood Falls series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99 USD
Pages: 365

Thomas escaped his ex and has settled in at Pine Wood Falls. He found himself a nice job, has a cute little house, and his twins are now four months old. The last thing he wants or expects is to go into heat again so soon. He tries to fight the urge but can’t hold off any longer.

Campbell catches the scent of his fated omega. He finally found the one and can’t wait to start a family. So he goes to one of Pine Wood Falls get-togethers to do what nature wants of him, what he wants -- to mate with his fated one, but the situation gets turned on its head when there’s another alpha there that wants his omega.

All Griffin wants is a good time. He doesn’t believe he’s fated for anyone, that’s all in the past. He just wants his needs met, but another alpha stands in his way. Luckily, they all come to an agreement. The three of them together.

They don’t think they can both get the young omega pregnant. Thomas doesn’t think he’s fated for either of them, but when he ends up pregnant with quads, they all have some things to work out.An

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About the Author

Sarah Havan’s writing professor once tried to convince her to change her major to fiction writing. She didn’t listen and ended up getting a degree in stuff. Many years later, she realized she needed to do what she truly loved most, writing. Her fingers haven’t left the keyboard since.

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